Sony Just Sold Spider-Man To A Streaming Platform

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

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If you need a massive, wall-sized web/ info graph to keep track of where to find all of your favorites characters on all of your favorite streaming services, don’t worry you aren’t alone. That’s the nature of the business these days. We have decades worth of content from a whole host of studios, so finding different characters can get confusing. But the most recent move from Sony might help make things a little clearer with Movie Web reporting that all Spider-Man streaming movies in the future will appear on the Disney+ platform. This is major news and one that really helps streamline the comic book streaming world. 

The deal that brings Spider-Man streaming rights to Disney+ is part of a major deal between Sony and Disney that will include a number of other different films as well. Basically, under the new agreement, all theatrically-released films from Sony between 2022 and 2026 will eventually land on Disney+ as part of this deal. For Marvel fans, this is great news as we know that Spider-Man, though integral to the franchise, still had his rights under a different company. The two entities, Sony and Disney have been able to play ball in terms of getting flicks made, but it’s made it tough to get all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films under one roof later on. 

This Spider-Man streaming news is part of a multi-pronged deal that sees Sony enters into long-term relationships with both Netflix and Disney. It also means there’s going to be some time before Disney+ folks can start enjoying all of Marvel under one roof. That’s because the agreement between Sony and Netflix is that the latter will control movies for the first 18 months after they finish their initial theatrical run. What this means is that once the movie exits theaters, it will appear on Netflix for the first year-and-a-half and then transfer over to Disney+. Disney will eventually get everything, but it will take some time. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man streaming

Sony controlling the Spider-Man streaming rights, as well as the production decisions around the character has made getting this character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe something of a heavy lift. There have been multiple deals struck along the way to get it to happen, but it’s paid off big time. The first two solo movies in the franchise, Homecoming and Far From Home took home close to $2 billion dollars combined at the box office. One could see why both sides would feel incentivized to capitalize on the popularity of the character and want to reap the short and long-term benefits of the franchise. 

This new deal between Sony and Disney+ (and Netflix) didn’t just deal with Spider-Man streaming rights, but also included other popular franchises like Bad Boys and Jumanji as well. With much-anticipated sequels coming for both of those projects, it will be good to know viewers will have multiple options to check them out over the years. 

And Spider-Man streaming news comes ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing next year. That film is shaping up to be an absolute event, tying together multiple franchise iterations for the character. You can see why Sony would want to lock up the deals prior to that flick hitting, and they’ve done just that.