Spider-Man Actor Wants Tom Hardy’s Job

Tony Revolori wants the next Spider-Man movie to include Flash Thompson's Agent Venom origin.

By James Brizuela | Published

tony revolori agent venom

Everyone knows that Tom Hardy is set to leave behind the role of Venom, once the third installment of that franchise is completed. With the MCU Venom up for grabs, Tony Revolori has alluded to wanting his Flash Thompson character to take up the symbiote suit as Agent Venom. According to Revolori, “I’d love to see him take on what he does in the comic books a little bit more, go into the Army and go through all that stuff, and eventually, hopefully, maybe at some point — fingers crossed — I get to don a suit myself.”

For those who might not be familiar, Tony Revolori is coyly speaking on the origin story that saw Flash Thompson enter the military, only to lose his legs in battle. When Thompson is then subject to experimentation that attaches him to the symbiote, he gets new legs and takes on the mantle of Agent Venom. This comic version of Venom was quite interesting, as he was more of an offshoot of Spawn, as he uses weaponry instead of just relying solely on the powers of the symbiote.

Tony Revolori
tony revolori agent venom

It would be interesting if Jon Watts were up to exploring this story with Tony Revolori taking on the role of Agent Venom. We are all currently waiting for it to be confirmed that Tom Holland is returning for Spider-Man 4, though Tom Rothman has confirmed that the movie is going forward. The ideal situation would be to get Tom Holland, Tony Revolori, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Jon Watts back together for another slate of movies.

Though Tony Revolori’s Flash Thompson has been more of a side character than anything else, we could see him getting more of an expanded role as Agent Venom. It would be an interesting way to introduce the black-suit Spider-Man to the world, then pivoting to have Thompson take over the symbiote after losing his legs in battle. Agent Venom is also more of an anti-hero than anything else, so he could battle Spider-Man at first, before joining forces to take down a more powerful foe.

There have been rumors that should Jon Watts return for another slate of Spider-Man movies, the black suit is going to slowly come about. It would then be great if, during the next few movies, Flash Thompson heads into the military. Should this happen, we all know that Tony Revolori could turn into Agent Venom.

This is all just speculation at this point, but Tom Hardy is not going to be Venom in the MCU. Though the Spider-Man franchise can do fine without Venom, it would be great to explore Tony Revolori’s bid to become Agent Venom at some point. We also have not seen this live-action version of the character, which would be even more exciting.

For now, everyone can patiently wait to see if the previously mentioned Spider-Man troupe is all brought back together for some more web-slinging action. Should Tony Revolori be added to the cast, we can all hope next that his Agent Venom storyline will follow. The MCU is known for going outside of the box when it comes to heroes, and Agent Venom would be the perfect fit for this growing multiverse that is currently the subject of every Marvel property.