The Spawn Reboot Movie Just Got A Major Update

By Tristan Zelden | 3 weeks ago

spawn reboot

Comic book creator and filmmaker Todd McFarlane (Venom) has been working on bringing his creation, Spawn, to the big screen for years. His Spawn reboot had been slowed down by the studio’s hesitation on his vision of a hard R-rated, scary comic book movie, but now we have a new development as the film found its screenwriter Brian Tucker (Broken City), as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Last year, it was said that the script for the Spawn reboot was scrapped and would restart. Jason Blum from Blumhouse, which will produce the live-action movie with Jamie Foxx (Baby Driver), said it is a “hard script to get right” and attributed recent events in the United States with race as the cause for a changed perspective on the movie. The new writer will hopefully get it right so the long-awaited movie can get to production. Blumhouse will produce with the filmmaker and Carla Hacken as executive producer for the Spawn reboot.

By 2018, it was reported that the Django Unchained actor would play the leading character in the Spawn reboot. Jeremy Renner (Avengers: Endgame) was attached as a detective named Twitch Williams. Since time has passed, it is unconfirmed if they are still attached to their respective roles.


Attached to the makeup department is The Walking Dead special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero. It seems he is still on board for the Spawn reboot. He spoke to about the director’s vision. He said that it would be inspired by the animated series from the 1990s and was told by the creator of the character that it will be “Spawn meets David Fincher.”

It is unclear what to expect from the Spawn reboot and its story. The origin of the character follows a black-ops agent who is murdered, and his soul is sent to Hell. He makes a deal with a demon to come back to his life, but he comes back as a monstrous being who takes on a superhero role.

The comic book author has made a name for himself across various properties. Two of his best-known works involve the creation of characters like Venom, the symbiote synonymous in the world of Spider-Man, and Spawn. A 1997 live-action movie was made that was heavily panned. For years, the planning of the Spawn reboot would redeem the character for his previously flopped big-screen appearance.

spawn reboot

The Spawn reboot has had plenty of issues outside of restarting the writing process. It got its budget of $10 million and was set to film in 2018, then the plans dissipated. From what we know about the vision for the Spawn reboot, it could prove to be ground-breaking for the popular superhero genre that has taken over Hollywood. Besides what Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League) has done, Joker, and Logan, the big screen adaptions have not been nearly as dark as what Spawn would look like. As it will lean heavily into horror and have an R rating, it could give audiences a new flavor amongst the often lighter-hearted Marvel movies that have set the standard over the past 13 years.

If Todd McFarlane can get the ball rolling this time for the Spawn reboot, then by the time audiences get to see the blockbuster, it would be his directorial debut. His experience so far has only been music videos and shorts. The last time he directed anything was the animated music video for the hard rock band Disturbed’s Land of Confusion cover of the original song by Genesis.