Sopranos Creator David Chase Signed A Massive HBO Deal, More Movies Coming

By Apeksha Bagchi | 5 seconds ago

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Often, the credit of HBO’s rise in popularity goes to David Chase’s hit crime drama series, The Sopranos in 1999. Even today, younger generations are discovering and getting hooked on the deadly adventures of Mafia overlord, Tony Soprano. In fact, lately, it has been the hottest show that has become a favorite of many amidst the pandemic-induced lockdown. And perhaps it is because of the rise in its popularity yet again that HBO has signed a big deal with The Sopranos creator, thus opening doors to more spin-off projects like the recently released The Many Saints of Newark

As reported by The New York Post, The Sopranos creator David Chase has recently signed a new “massive” first-look deal with HBO wherein the writer-director will be developing new projects- films and shows, including any future Sopranos spin-offs- for HBO, HBO Max, and Warner Bro. Pictures Group. 

“David has a singular voice and is a gifted writer and filmmaker.  His work is pure and authentic, and highly compelling for a broad audience. The critical reception of ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ speaks to David’s mastery of both film and television. We are thrilled to keep David in the Warner Bros. family,” said Warner Bros. Pictures chairman Toby Emmerich.  

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This new deal with HBO raises hope for any future Sopranos spin-off shows and films that David Chase has in the pipeline. While Chase was initially reluctant to explore the widely debated (and immensely argued) finale of the original show, he is finally relenting and is more invested in at least giving a backstory to the legendary Mafia family he established in the world of television. The recently released Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark starring James Gandolfini’s son Michael Gandolfini as a young Tony Soprano proves that there is much left to explore in the world of crime and drama that he debuted more than two decades ago.

Some 14 years ago when David Chase pulled down the curtain on the long-running The Sopranos with the most shockingly abrupt conclusion, he said with certainty that he has presented everything he had in mind about the mob family he brought to our television screens. While initially, Chase had no plans of ever expanding the Sopranos universe, the idea of exploring its characters against the 1967 Newark riots as the backdrop was in his head since the second year of the original series.

But it was only after a series of his projects with Paramount and HBO went downhill that he finally stopped saying “No” to the proposition of making a Sopranos film and agreed to make the prequel in 2017. He was finally in on exploring the history of the original series through The Many Saints of Newark, which sees the psychopathic mobster Dickie Moltisanti, father of Christopher Moltisnati (Tony’s right-hand man in the original series), who is a mentor to a young Tony and outlines the journey of the latter to being the man he was in The Sopranos.

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In fact, David Chase is also interested in making a sequel to The Many Saints of Newark if and only if former Sopranos writer Terrance Winter agrees to join him on the project. As Winter has already reacted to the “flattering” proposition and confirmed that he would be ready “in a heartbeat” to collaborate with Chase again, all we are waiting for is Warner Bros. greenlighting the film.