Sofia Vergara Making A Modern Day, Female Zorro Series

By Doug Norrie | 6 months ago

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Sofia Vergara has carved out a niche in Hollywood as a fast-talking, sharp-witted, and absolutely stunning actress whose turn as Gloria Marie Ramirez Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s Modern Family thrust her into the limelight. She’s become almost synonymous with her character on the show, but with that series going off the air, she’s set to head in a totally different television direction. It’s been announced that she’ll produce and star in NBC’s Zorro adaptation

The new Zorro adaptation, from Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez, will have a female lead in a different spin on the black-masked fencing hero. The character, Sola Dominguez, is an aspiring artist who dons the hat, mask, and cape to ward off the city’s criminal element. It appears to have all the hallmarks of the iconic character while also shifting the character into a different look and era than the traditional story.  Sofia Vergara’s role isn’t quite known though I suspect the 48-year-old actress isn’t the swashbuckler. 

And the show looks like it’s in amazing creative hands. The Rodriguez siblings at the helm in terms of script and direction lend it some cache. Sofia Vergara has worked with both before when she had a role in 2013’s Machete Kills. Robert Rodriguez directed that movie with Rebecca on editing. Vergara played a brothel owner who takes her own stab at Danny Trejo’s titular character. Robert’s most recent movies include Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Alita: Battle Angel. Meanwhile, Rebecca penned and directed multiple episodes for the Snowpiercer series. She’ll helm the Zorro pilot and act as the series showrunner. It’s a great step for her budding career. 

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Zorro won’t just have Sofia Vergara limited to just the live screen version either. Her production company LatinWe (Latin World Entertainment), of which she is the founder, is also on board for the show. She’s working in conjunction with Ben Silverman’s Propagate which has handled Chopped, Charmed, and Running Wild with Bear Grylls among others. 

A move to Zorro will represent Sofia Vergara’s first *big* role since her run on Modern Family. After 10 award-winning seasons, it aired its finale back in the spring. Vergara’s incredible performance and longevity on the show made her the highest-paid female actress in 2020 when she banked over $43 million dollars. $500,000 an episode on Modern Family told the story there. She was nominated for four Emmy Awards during that time, though never ended up taking home the top prize. 

Besides Modern Family, Sofia Vergara’s most recent high-profile movie role was in Hot Pursuit alongside Renee Witherspoon. It was mostly a disappointment both critically (a crazy low 7% on the Tomatometer) and at the box office as well where it earned *only* $51 million on a $31 million budget. Besides some voiceover work, there hasn’t been a massive resume outside of the television work (not like she’s needed it).

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This recent news around Sofia Vergara and Zorro is lining up to be pretty successful. The creative team is top-notch and the production folks have plenty of success on the resume. We’re likely heading to much more news about casting in the weeks to come. It could be a big-budget, high profile release when it finally hits screens.