See Snoop Dogg Parody The Mandalorian In Latest Music Video

By Dylan Balde | 3 weeks ago

snood dogg mandalorian

Science fiction just got a touch more explicit in the music video for Big Subwoofer, Mount Westmore’s sick new beat starring the legendary Snoop Dogg as the Mandalorian. The song reimagines the group as would-be smugglers and mercenaries, driving their very own Razor Crest equipped with — you guessed it — double subwoofers on either side. Though the rap itself has more to do with sex and personal indulgence than Star Wars, the music video presents a lengthy ode to the group’s proverbial lust for anything sci-fi, featuring the three-breasted Venusville mutants from Total Recall, the female Na’vi of James Cameron’s Avatar, and a handful of iconic locations from every corner of the Star Wars universe.

Be warned; Snoop Dogg’s latest may boast impressive Mandalorian elements, but the video itself is a psychedelic rush of flashing neon lights and naked space women. The beat is catchy, but the visuals are a doozy of a watch. Check it out below:

The music video starts off muted; Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too Short are manning a picture-perfect Razor Crest from Disney’s The Mandalorian. As the foursome hovers over a moss-covered planetoid, they squabble over who gets to play leader. E-40 and Too Short are Han Solo copycats, while Snoop Dogg dons a gorgeous beskar armor spray-painted in bright blue and silver. 20 seconds in, it’s obvious who gets to command the troupe; Snoop announces they are traveling to Planet Snoopiter where the Na’vi, colloquially branded as “bitches in blue,” resides. A quick look to the back of the ship and we see two Na’vi women already strutting about.

As the team activates its subwoofers and begins playing to the beat, Snoop Dogg’s Mandalorian-approved Razor Crest descends upon a sand-colored desert planet that vaguely resembles Mars. Upon entry, Mount Westmore alternates between hanging out with Na’vi tribeswomen and Venusville hookers as the latter two dance and rock the pole in the open.

Big Subwoofer moves Mandalorian Snoop and his friends to multiple locations at once to convey the vibrancy of alien nightlife. Scenes jump between a familiar Star Wars cantina and the surface of Mars (which in retrospect, may as well be Tatooine), and occasionally, the interior of Snoop Dogg’s Razor Crest. A couple of Martians from Scary Movie 3 burst in wearing standard hip hop overalls, bopping and pirouetting to Big Subwoofer.

As wanted posters of Snoop Dogg fill the cantina, and alien hostesses serve drinks, we get a closer look at the Long Beach native’s Mandalorian suit. It’s been stylized to fit his distinctive flair, featuring a personalized crest on his right shoulder and a badge on the front of his breastplate with the area code for Long Beach printed out in Aurebesh, the written language of the Star Wars universe. Mount Westmore eventually board their Razor Crest and warp out of Planet Snoopiter.

Big Subwoofer’s Mandalorian spoof isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has judiciously involved himself in hard sci-fi. Last year, Snoop Doggy Dogg (real name Calvin Broadus, Jr.) obtained the rights to Star Trek parody Unbelievable!!!!!, a goofy hop across the galaxy about three astronauts and a marionette searching for two colleagues that inexplicably went missing. Upon arriving at their unit’s designated lunar base, our unwitting heroes discover their friends aren’t who they’re supposed to be and soon manage to escape on a starship by the skin of their teeth. This little jaunt attracts the attention of an intergalactic plant species hoping to enslave humanity; they set their sights on Earth, forcing the group to make a detour.

It’s about as bonkers as you’d expect from a guy like Snoop Lion, who happens to be producing the film, and yet it drew in an equally crazy cast list; over 40 Star Trek actors had signed up to star in Unbelievable!!!!!, including Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Michael Dorn, and Christopher Doohan, with original Trek composer Gerald Fried in charge of the score. You better believe Snoop Dogg got his own Mandalorian costume for a reason.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian started filming on October 13 under the working title Buccaneer. And as much as we’d love a Snoop Dogg cameo, actor Pedro Pascal is already reclaiming his beskar armor for this one. The new season comes out on Disney+ next year.