Huge, Horrifying Snake Surprise Discovered In A Woman’s Closet

By Doug Norrie | 1 week ago


If it is starting to feel like any corner you round these days might have a snake lying there waiting for you, it wouldn’t be totally off base. These reptiles seem to be popping up almost everywhere of late, from stores, to public parks, to random city streets. And we aren’t talking about some little *cute* pet that happened to escape a mini terrarium somewhere. No. Some of these suckers are huge. And now we can add another snake sighting to the list with WSOC-TV reporting a South Carolina woman stumbling on one in, wait for it, her own bedroom closet. 

If you thought that maybe the confines of your own home offered a semblance of safety when it came to coming across a random snake, then think again. There is nothing sacred when it comes to these things, as this woman quickly found out. According to the story, the woman from Columbia, South Carolina was innocently folding her laundry and looked down for an unwelcome surprise. There was a huge snake greeting her that was slithering out of the closet. It ended up being an Eastern Black Rat snake which sounds bad but is not venomous or lethal. So in this way, the woman wasn’t ever really endanger, though she probably had to do an extra load of laundry after. Check out the size of this snake:

It doesn’t take much of an opening in your home to have a snake come right on through and make itself comfortable. This woman isn’t exactly sure where the snake originally came from but she did call wildlife control to come and remove it from her home. Snakes can enter through even tiny cracks in the house’s foundation meaning there are likely multiple points of entry even in the most updated of houses. 

This latest snake incident is just one of a number of sightings that have taken place over the course of the last couple of months with folks finding them in odd places. There was the story of a woman catching a snake crawling across cans of beans in a local Target store and also another of a massive snake hanging out in a tree in a Pittsburgh public park


While these recent incidents have been relatively benign, needing nothing more than some local animal folks to come over with a cage or net and escort the snake off the premises, some other news is a little more disturbing. For starters, there was a highly venomous snake that was thought to have been extinct which was rediscovered. That was the short-nosed sea snake and it was found (again) off the coast of Australia. They live in reefs and have a highly-concentrated venom used on their prey. Additionally, there was a new type of deadly snake recently discovered in Asia. This was a version of a Suzhen krait that has been known to actually kill humans in the past. 

These venomous snake varieties aren’t the ones we are seeing crop up in supermarkets and closets these days here stateside so no worries there. But it’s good to be on the lookout nonetheless. If we can’t do our laundry without having one slither out onto some bedsheets then maybe nothing is sacred.