Smile 2 Reveals Even More Terrifying Sequel, See The Evidence

By Brian Myers | Published

smile 2 trailer

If the 2022 film Smile didn’t frighten you enough, rest assured that Parker Finn is looking to be pulling out all the stops for the horror film’s follow up. The recently released Smile 2 trailer shows terrifying sequences that make the sequel appear to be an even greater entry than its predecessor. The much-anticipated movie looks to be packing in even more jump scares and startling imagery and just might be the best sequel that horror fans have had in over a decade.

Smile 2 is scheduled to hit theaters October 18.

The Smile 2 trailer gives a little bit of insight to the film’s storyline. The opening moments show the stage performance of pop star Skye Riley (Naomi Scott) before segueing into a creepy sequence that shows her friend Lewis losing his mind inside an apartment. As he collapses on the floor screaming for help, Skye sees him cowering in fear from a being that she cannot see.

Things intensify when Lewis suddenly stops freaking out, prompting her to lean in over him. Lewis turns to her with a blank expression before locking eyes and forcing his mouth to upturn in a chilling smile. The Smile 2 trailer shows Lewis standing upright, grabbing a large barbell plate, and continually bashing it into his face until dead.

The Smile 2 trailer seems to make its lead character follow a similar story arc as the first film.

Skye is becoming more and more aware that there is something sinister about Lewis’s suicide. Over the remainder of the Smile 2 trailer, the pop star begins to see strangers stepping into her line of sight, all wearing the same giant smile as Lewis. In one particularly horrifying scene, Skye is pursued by a group of smiling beings down a narrow hallway.

smile 2
From the trailer for Smile 2

But in what might be the creepiest scene in the Smile 2 trailer, Skye is approached by a young girl after a show for what the singer believes will be a request for an autograph. The girl’s face is frozen in that same awful grin as the one Skye saw Lewis had in the moments before his death, not changing a bit while a puzzled Skye autographs the girl’s shirt with her marker.

The Smile 2 trailer seems to make its lead character follow a similar story arc as the first film. Like Smile‘s Rose Cotter, Skye witnesses a brutal suicide with the victim’s face never changing from a giant smile.

The original film, Smile, made $217 million at the box office.

As Smile 2 progresses, Skye’s investigation will presuambly lead her to the horrifying truth that she is the next one in line to be driven to suicide by a demon that goes from victim to victim, tormenting each one until their final moments.

From the trailer for Smile 2.

The 2022 original was a box office success, raking in more than $217 million over a small $17 million production budget. But if the Smile 2 trailer is any indication about the sequel’s quality, its predecessor’s ticket sales might pale in comparison.

Smile 2‘s trailer indicates that the horror sequel is slated for an October 18 release date. Along with Naomi Scott, the film co-stars Kyle Gallner (reprising his role of Joel from the first film), Lukas Gage, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dylan Gelula, and Raul Castillo.