Silver Surfer Changing Into A Woman For Marvel’s Fantastic Four

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Over the last few years, Marvel Studios has made impressive moves to make their films and Disney+ shows much more inclusive, showing much more than just your run-of-the-mill white male superhero. With rumors abounding for the upcoming Fantastic Four film, many have wondered who will be cast in the anticipated feature. Well – one thing is for sure – as Jeff Sneider reveals the notorious Silver Surfer will be played by a woman. 

Inside Source Says A Woman Will Play Silver Surfer In The Fantastic Four Movie

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The news first arrived straight from Sneider’s mouth on a recent episode of his podcast, The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha. Coming from the reporter’s inside sources, Sneider revealed to his eager followers that the role of the Silver Surfer would most certainly be given to a woman – though he didn’t reveal who was auditioning or had been cast in the part. This was one of the big pieces of breaking news that the podcast host was able to reveal, though he would take to his blog later in the week to break some more insider info.

Pedro Pascal Mister Fantastic Frontrunner

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Aside from the casting of the Silver Surfer, there’s so much more that Marvel fans are waiting to learn about when it comes to the highly-anticipated Fantastic Four feature. No announcements have been officially made from the studio’s high brass, but recent reports allege that The Last of Us star, Pedro Pascal, is in talks for being Mister Fantastic. Sneider says that he knew the information during the recording of the last episode but wasn’t willing to reveal as to not tick off his respected sources.

Vanessa Kirby Rumored To Play The Invisible Woman

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What he did reveal in his blog was that talks were so far along with Pedro Pascal to lead in the film that there have already been posters created featuring the Game of Thrones star in the role. And, of course, the Silver Surfer won’t be the only female character in Fantastic Four, as Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman is rumored to be the leading character in the MCU feature. Again, no big announcements have been made as far as casting, but it is believed that Vanessa Kirby is the current frontrunner.

Joseph Quinn Might Portray The Human Torch

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And then, as Sneider revealed, there’s a big likelihood that Stranger Things breakout star, Joseph Quinn, will play Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch with Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Bear) joining as Ben Grimm aka the Thing. As for the film’s primary antagonist, villain-extraordinaire Javier Bardem is speculated to be appearing as the evil Galactus. While plot details are being kept just as tightly under wraps as the film’s cast, it’s unclear as to how the Silver Surfer will fit in with the rest of the cast and exactly what storyline it will follow. 

Casting Fantastic Four Is Crucial To Marvel’s Success

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With its latest production, The Marvels, currently flopping at the box office (though we hope to see that turn around over the next few weeks), Marvel Studios needs a big win. That could easily be found within a cast led by Pedro Pascal for Fantastic Four as he’s one of the biggest and buzziest stars in Hollywood at the moment. Tossing in a female Silver Surfer to shake things up, and it sounds like the MCU is on the right track for a comeback.

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