Sherlock Holmes To Be Played By Ryan Reynolds Next

By Rich Monetti | 7 months ago

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the literary world’s most respectable characters. Many actors have taken on the role of the famous detective, and now it is sounding like none other than Ryan Reynolds could be bringing his unique talents to the storied investigator’s illustrious legacy.

Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman has provided the intel about Netflix supposedly wanting Reynolds for the iconic role. And this Sherlock Holmes will not have any connection to storylines involving Enola Holmes on Netflix, the BBC series, or Robert Downey Jr.’s interpretation.

Considering the wide array of iterations we have seen from the Sherlock Holmes character, there is probably plenty of room for Reynolds to bring a new spin on the detective. We have seen the exploits of Holmes’s little sister (Enola Holmes), a 21st-century American version (Elementary), and a highly insensitive, pugilistic riff in the Robert Downey Jr. films.

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The potential Ryan Reynolds could bring to the Sherlock Holmes character seems delightful. A plethora of insightful wisdom and deductions that are wrapped around the whiny quips of Reynold’s perfect deadpan delivery. The only discomfort is in the wait we must endure.

Still, Reynolds may have his hands full in upstaging his Netflix little sister, Enola Holmes. The project was initially dumped by Warner Brothers, and Netflix successfully stepped in with Millie Bobby Brown in the title role. Debuting in March, the Sherlock Holmes riff accrued 90 million views in four weeks and became the number one watched Netflix movie in 78 countries. Scott Campbell of We Got This Covered predicted that the surprise hit may become the most-watched Netflix original production ever.

Otherwise, the stacked competition doesn’t even take into account Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. Fans seem to really enjoy his take on the character, so Reynolds will really need to move mind over matter to keep up with his Netflix counterpart.

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At the same time, Reynolds also has to keep his eyes and insights on Robert Downey Jr.’s detective. A third installment is on the way, while the first two films grossed over $500 million each. Yes, the overall Sherlock Holmes game is also afoot.

Of course, Reynolds will have more to do than keep abreast of competitors, manage his Rolodex of sidekicks, and match wits with British bad guys. Aside from holding down the Deadpool franchise and making a transition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney has him slated to anchor two live-action remakes. Plus, the busy bee has Free Guy and The Croods: A New Age coming out soon. He will be doing the press rounds for those films this December. Who knows what else the prolific actor has in the works?

Fortunately, we really can’t get enough of him, and there’s no reason to stop at Sherlock Holmes. Once we hear anything more about this upcoming project, we will be sure to keep you loyal readers updated. In the meantime, get ready to think about what kind of mysterious this newest version of the slick-witted sleuth could be up against. You’ll also need to think up some clever jokes for Ryan Reynolds, because you now he will be bringing those to the table.