She-Ra Is Getting a Live-Action Series

She-Ra is about to get the live action treatment.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


She-Ra may be the latest animated character getting the live-action treatment now that the latest version of the character ended its successful run. According to Variety, Amazon Studios is in the very, very early stages of producing a live-action television series based on the She-Ra character, who got her start in the 1980s as a spinoff of the popular He-Man franchise. The outlet reports that DreamWorks Animation will serve as an executive producer on the project. Despite She-Ra having two animated iterations under her belt, it is believed that the live-action series will exist as its own entity, untethered to both the He-Man spinoff as well as the rebooted Netflix series, She-Ra and the Princess of Power

Should the project be picked up to series at Amazon, it would mark the first-ever live-action iteration of the character. He-Man, meanwhile, was already given the live-action treatment by way of the Masters of the Universe movie in 1987 when Dolph Lundgren portrayed the character. Meanwhile, it is reported that Netflix is eyeing another live-action iteration

For those unfamiliar, SYFY Wire reports that She-Ra initially got her start by premiering in the animated film He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword in 1985. It ended up merely being the first five episodes of her own spinoff series, She-Ra: Princess of Power cut together to make a feature-length film. In it, she was portrayed as Princess Adora, the long-lost twin of Prince Adam, better known as He-Man. After she was kidnapped as a child by Hordak of the Evil Horde and taken to planet Etheria, she was brainwashed into serving as a Force Captain of the Horde. He-Man heroically helped break her mind control and gave her the sword of protection which allowed her to turn into She-Ra. She wielded the magical blade for 93 episodes of her own show between 1985 and 1986. 


Fast forward to 2018 when Netflix debuted She-Ra and the Princess of Power. Although the character held a special place in people from the 1980s’ hearts, it found a whole new life on Netflix after it rebooted the show and rewrote things so that she was no longer related to He-Man or tied to his franchise in any way. 

Adora was recontextualized this time into an orphan and a willing member of the Horde on Etheria. This time around she was a teenager who makes the decision to break from the Horde after discovering the Sword of Protection, turning into She-Ra and taking up the cause of a rebellion. Obviously, the hope was to give She-Ra more agency over her own heroism and it seemed to work. The show won Daytime Emmy and GLAAD Media Awards for its writing. The show lasted five seasons compared to the previous animated show’s two seasons. However, its total episodes were only 52 compared to the previous iterations’ 93.

While the new She-Ra show is trying to move away from its ties to He-Man, fans are left to wonder whether the show will pay any lip service to fans by introducing anything else from the He-Man franchise if it’s picked up to series.