She-Hulk To Feature Marvel’s Weirdest Villain?

By Michileen Martin | 1 month ago


Some of the She-Hulk solo comics the upcoming Disney+ series will be based on are pretty weird, and according to a new rumor the series is definitely going to be adapting some of that weird. The first trailer already unveiled who already looks to be the relatively goofy villain Frog-Man, but a new report suggests there will be a Marvel villain in She-Hulk who makes Frog-Man look like an edgy and genre-defying antagonist. That’s right — She-Hulk may very will feature… The Porcupine!!!!

That’s right! According to Cosmic Circus — who cite an unnamed source — the Marvel villain literally zero people were waiting to see, the Porcupine, will be appearing in She-Hulk. First appearing way back in 1963’s Tales to Astonish #48 as an antagonist to Ant-Man and the Wasp, the Porcupine is exactly what he sounds like: a dude with a suit of armor lined with “quills” he shoots at his enemies. There have been a couple of characters with the name. The first is Alexander Gentry who died fighting the Serpent Society in 1986’s Captain America #315. In 2006’s Daughters of the Dragon #6, Roger Gocking took up the prickly mantle, eventually even turning to the side of the angels for a while. Cosmic Circus says there’s no word on which version of no one’s favorite supervillain will be appearing in She-Hulk, or what role he’ll play. Will he be a hero? A villain? One of She-Hulk’s clients? Someone to just help Frog-Man not feel so silly? We don’t know.

she-hulk porcupine
The Porcupine in Captain America #315 (1986)

The site also claims to have confirmed the Wrecking Crew will be appearing in She-Hulk, which would make sense. The team has been in She-Hulk’s orbit before though they were originally Thor villains. Their leader is the Wrecker who was unwittingly granted power by the goddess Karnilla and he later shared that power with three prison buddies to form the Wrecking Crew.

There have been a lot of rumors ever since She-Hulk was first announced about different villains showing up in the series, including just about every gamma-powered hero and villain to show up in a Hulk or She-Hulk comic. Last year, Geekosity reported the X-Men villain Juggernaut would make an appearance, which would arguably be a great way for Marvel Studios to tease the eventual introduction of the X-Men. While, judging by the trailer, She-Hulk seems potentially a little too lighthearted to tackle the subject of mutant oppression, in the comics Juggernaut — in spite of being associated with the X-Men — isn’t a mutant. Not to mention that She-Hulk and Juggernaut actually had a bit of a fling that wound up being pretty controversial with fans.

She-Hulk premieres on Disney+ on August 17. The first trailer for the series premiered last week, with a lot of fans concerned about about visual effects. Of course, with the series still three months away there’s a good chance there’s still work to be done on the hero’s CGI. But if you can’t judge an entire series but a minute and a half trailer then what are they for?