She-Hulk Star Was Rejected For Another Marvel Role

She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany almost starred as a different Marvel character before she landed the role of Jennifer Walters.

By Joshua Jones | Published


Actress Tatiana Maslany is set to star in the next outing for Marvel Disney+, She-Hulk. Maslany plays lawyer Jennifer Walters, who is the cousin of Bruce Banner and receives the same radiation that turns Banner into the Hulk. During her appearance on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, Maslany revealed that she almost got the role in another Marvel movie. According to the actress, she auditioned for a role in the 2018 Sony Spider-Verse film Venom. She auditioned for the role of She-Venom, who in the film turns out to be Eddie Brock’s girlfriend. The actress said she has been trying to work at Marvel for quite a while but ultimately was rejected by the studio “multiple times.”

The She-Hulk star was also asked if there were other Marvel characters she auditioned for. The actress said that she was “quite happy” with getting the Jennifer Walters role as it’s been a long time coming for her and those online who fan cast her for the role. Maslany has already received quite a bit of praise for her portrayal as She-Hulk, with many who have seen the first few episodes calling Maslany’s performance one of the true bright spots in the show. The series, which will run for nine episodes on Disney+, focuses on the dynamic between Walters and Banner, and Walters having to juggle her lawyer responsibilities with that of being a superhero. The trailers thus far have excited longtime MCU fans and those who are familiar with the character in the comics.

She-Hulk has been getting praised for its lighthearted tone and discussions about women in the workplace. The Wrap‘s Joelle Monique called the show a “delightful break from the cutesy family fun and intense heroic inspection.” Perhaps the one thing most critics aren’t too please with is the CGI, which has been a topic of discussion ever since the first trailer was released to the public. The series will be the final in phase 4 and will introduce Daredevil into the MCU following his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The series also brings back Tim Roth’s Abomination from the first Hulk film in 2008.

Now that Tatiana Maslany is She-Hulk, one has to wonder what would’ve happened if she did get the role of She-Venom. The role eventually went to actress Michelle Williams, who reprised the role in the 2021 sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage. There are still questions regarding Sony’s entire Spiderverse set of films and whether or not they are connected to the MCU. Fans have seen characters from Sony’s Spiderverse appear in the MCU and vice versa. Michael Kenton’s Vulture appeared in a post-credit scene in Morbius, which looked to set up a potential Sinister Six film. However, there was no hint of Spiderman during Marvel’s Comic-Con presentation last month. She-Hulk creator and head writer Jessica Gao recently told The Direct that she wanted to have Spiderman in the show, but Marvel refused. Whatever happens with Spiderman and the rest of the Spiderverse, fans know it won’t have any effect on what happens in She-Hulk, at least for now.