She-Hulk Casts Tatiana Maslany’s Sidekick

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

she-hulk ginger gonzaga

She-Hulk is hitting screens next year and we are starting to get more and more details about the show. A number of different casting decisions are in the works including the villain (or maybe more than one). And now we are getting news about who the main character’s running mate will be in the production. The latest news is that Ginger Gonzaga has joined the cast. 

This latest casting news has Ginger Gonzaga cast as Jennifer Walters’ (Tatiana Mislay) best friend and quasi-running mate for She-Hulk. It’s unclear the exact nature of the role beyond just the friend piece, but it could involve something in the workplace. The show is set to be a legal comedy with Jennifer Walter’s main character a lawyer by day and a green-muscled, rage machine at night (or also during the day). 

Ginger Gonzaga was cast for the whole, 10-episode run of She-Hulk. Her most notable work is probably in the voiceover vein considering she’s been playing Tammy on The Family Guy for the last eight years. But she also had a role in Bad Therapy and Netflix’s Space Force as well. In terms of on-screen work, this does mark one of the bigger roles of her career. 

tatiana maslany she hulk feature

She-Hulk will follow Jessica Walters time as the titular character. In the comic books, she’s the cousin of Bruce Banner who came about the green-superpowers through a blood transfusion. It’s unclear if that’s the origin story they take this time around, but Mark Ruffalo is already slated to make at least an appearance. It could be just for that power infusion, or it could be a larger role. And we also know that Tim Roth will be the central villain, Abomination. 

And Disney+ has already said She-Hulk will be a legal comedy, leaning in on the laughs in the 30-minute show. One thing that could lend itself to some funny situations is the news that Juggernaut will also join the series. While a villain to the X-Men and Hulk in the comics, he could play a slightly different role in this one. There’s some speculation that Walters could be maybe defending him in court in a case against the Hulk. 

She-Hulk is part of Marvel’s enormous Phase Four taking the franchise and the larger universe in a totally different direction following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Things kicked off with WandaVision last week and will comprise 11 movies and 12 television shows on Disney+. It’s an enormous undertaking and one that has fans more than a little excited. Phase Four will introduce tons of new characters to the mix while also reprising some from the previous group in expanded roles. 

As of right now, the tentative release date for She-Hulk sometime in 2022 with filming set to start at some point in March of this year. But the cast is really rounding out now with the casting of some of the side characters like Ginger Gonzaga. This is setting up to be a totally different look than other things we’ve seen in the Marvel Universe and I’m here for it.