New Art Shows Sharon Stone As Captain Marvel In The 90s

Giant Freaking Robot imagined Sharon Stone as a 90s Captain Marvel.

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

sharon stone

Captain Marvel is not the first role one might think of for Sharon Stone, but we at Giant Freakin Robot decided to look at what could have been if she rocked the hero’s super suit back in the 1990s. The image shows a surprisingly realistic take on the fantasy casting, complete with a ’90s photo backdrop that sells the idea of this possibly being a photo from the era. The end result is a complete and captivating illusion.

Credit: Giant Freakin Robot/Instagram

Of all the dream casting fan art we’ve brought to life lately, we dare say that Sharon Stone as Captain Marvel is the best of the bunch. The style of the costume design seems to harken to newer comic book films, particularly post-X-Men, but the suit still looks amazing and not completely out of place for a 90s re-design. At the time in the comics, Carol Danvers was flying around in a black leotard, making this armored suit an improvement.

While the original Captain Marvel film was set in 1995, the burgeoning comic book movie industry was still finding its footing at that time, making it a stretch to think Sharon Stone might be cast in the role. While there was a decent spate of comic book movies during that decade, 1995’s Batman Forever and 1997’s Batman and Robin nearly killed the genre, demonstrating an instability that meant risks on then-lesser-known characters like Captain Marvel were not likely to be made with such big stars. Carol Danvers did not take up the mantle of Captain Marvel in the comics until 2012, long after the passing of the original hero to bear the name (Mar-Vell), and she’s actually the fourth hero to carry the mantle.

At 66, Sharon Stone could certainly play an older version of Captain Marvel, but we doubt that is likely to happen. So far, the star’s only turn in a comic book movie was as disgruntled former model-turned-villainous cosmetics creator Laurel Hedare in 2004’s Catwoman, starring Halle Berry. That film was only loosely based on the original source material, re-imagining Catwoman with a different identity and origin to zero acclaim.

sharon stone

It’s also an open question whether Sharon Stone would actually be a good fit for the role of Captain Marvel as an actor. She usually shines most brightly as characters who skirt the line of good and evil, especially those who are outright villainous or deeply troubled. As her IMDb page shows, from Basic Instinct to Casino, her characters are often on the darker side, making the role of a comic book superhero seem a little offbeat for the dramatic star.

Still, Sharon Stone definitely has the experience, talent, and skill to move beyond her type, and the Captain Marcel suit certainly looks good on her. But Brie Larson has cemented herself well in the role, and the ’90s throwback of her film is the only one we’re likely to see involving the Captain Marvel character. Still, it’s fun to imagine what could have been in an alternate universe, which is, after all, a large swath of what the comic book world is all about.

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