A Sexy Elizabeth Banks Comedy You May Have Missed Just Got Added To Netflix

By Rick Gonzales | 13 seconds ago

Elizabeth Banks

As far as goofball comedies go, Elizabeth Banks seems to be an actress who has the ability to carry one. Netflix plans to put that theory to the test as one of Banks’ earlier films has just hit the streaming service.

Walk of Shame is the 2014 “comedy” starring Elizabeth Banks as Meghan Miles, a strait-laced newscaster for a local Los Angeles TV station. Meghan is up for promotion to a news anchor for a major network but finds herself passed over for a woman with an Asian last name. Meghan suffers a double whammy when her boyfriend leaves her, taking with him most of their belongings. Enter her best friends, Rose and Denise, who convince Meghan she needs to go out to blow off steam before she comes up with a plan to right the wrongs in her life.

With the three at the local club, Elizabeth Banks’ Meghan proceeds to tie one on. In search of a bathroom, Meghan finds herself stuck on the fire escape instead. Unable to get back into the club, she is saved by part-time club barkeep and fiction writer, Gordon (James Marsden). Meghan, whose professional career has never been marked with anything controversial, winds up going home with Gordon. When she wakes early in the morning, she finds herself wearing only her undergarments.

As she collects her things, Meghan also checks her voice messages. One, in particular, is potentially good news. Seems the network’s chosen anchor ran into issues with photos of her found on the internet, so they decided to go back to Meghan, wanting to talk to her one last time before bringing her on board. The problem, Elizabeth Banks’ Meghan now needs to get fully prepared for their interview.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks in Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame becomes a comedy of errors and misunderstandings. Elizabeth Banks’ character’s goal, to get home and freshen up before the network arrives, is put in serious jeopardy when Meghan leaves Gordon’s building to find out she has no idea where she is, and her car has been towed away.

Unable to get back into Gordon’s complex, Meghan heads out on her own to try and get her car and then home. Making matters worse, if not piling on, Meghan’s purse was in her car. One predicament after another finds Elizabeth Banks’s Meghan in worsening situations. A taxi driver who mistakes her wanting to go to the impound lot instead for a strip club ends with the driver asking for a lap dance as payment.

Meghan is then mistaken for a prostitute by two officers after they see her trying to flag down cars. Meghan finds herself mixed up with drug dealers and their rivals.

As things continue to go from bad to worse for her, will Meghan make it in time to save her career? It probably took some time after this was all over for Elizabeth Banks to save hers.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks gives up

To say Walk of Shame was a clunker is pretty much an understatement. Though Elizabeth Banks is always fun to watch (for the most part) the script didn’t do her any favors. The film, written and directed by Steven Brill, whose career has mainly revolved around directing some of Adam Sandler’s lesser films (Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, Hubie Halloween), was neither a box office bonanza nor a critical hit.

Brill was given $15 million to make people laugh and was only rewarded with $8 million at the box office.

Elizabeth Banks has seen better times at the box office. From The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Our Idiot Brother, the Wet Hot American Summer series, and the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Banks has shown she can handle comedy.

Walk of Shame
Walk of Shame’s attempt at marketing

She has also shown her range with Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 and 3, Seabiscuit, Man on a Ledge, and The Hunger Games franchise. While Elizabeth Banks has shown much skill in front of the camera, she is also beginning to expand her horizons by taking a seat in the director’s chair.

Elizabeth Banks first found time behind the lens directing a segment of the film Movie 43 called Middle School Date. From there she went on to tackle her first full-length feature with Pitch Perfect 2. Banks then took on the Charlie’s Angels reboot and is next slated to stay behind the camera for Cocaine Bear and the TV movie, The Greater Good.

Elizabeth Banks continues her double duty as she was recently seen in the TV mini-series Mrs. America and will next be seen in the features Call Jane and Signal Hill.

For now, you may be able to eek out some chuckles watching Elizabeth Banks’ plight in Walk of Shame on Netflix.