See Zendaya As The New Flash

We imagined what Zendaya might look like as the new Flash in the DCU.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

These days, it seems like Zendaya is everywhere. In addition to charming us as MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s also been killing it on Euphoria, and she’s sure to dazzle us in the Warner Bros. film Dune: Part II. And since Zendaya is already someone who can seemingly appear everywhere all at once (check out her upcoming credits on IMDb), we at Giant Freakin Robot decided to see what she would look like playing the DC superhero The Flash.

In this artistic rendering, one of the most prominent things you will notice about Zendaya is her long, flowing hair. In the image, the Flash mask is off (something that seems to happen once every few minutes over on the CW), and this allows us to see and appreciate her famous face. Of course, if the actor and filmmakers were trying to get the traditional Flash mask on over someone with so much hair, that mask would need more than a few modifications (maybe Zendaya could ask Tom Holland for help…the MCU’s Spider-Man should know all about mask modification). 

And while this image of Zendaya playing Flash is just for fun, it highlights a somewhat uncomfortable question for DC Comics fans. The offscreen antics of Ezra Miller have made him one of the most notorious figures in all of Hollywood, and it’s an open secret that he will likely be replaced as everyone’s favorite Scarlet Speedster. It looks like The Flash movie will serve as a reset that introduces us to James Gunn’s all-new DCU, and when the smoke clears, we might need somebody else to play the character.

ezra miller the flash
Ezra Miller as The Flash

When that happens, would Zendaya be near the top of the list to replace Ezra Miller? Probably not, because audiences are likely expecting a male actor to inhabit the blurry boots of Barry Allen, Wally West, or whichever famous Justice League member we end up getting in the DCU. Then again, James Gunn has given his blessing to some more experimental projects (including separate projects for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle), so we could very well get a glimpse of Zendaya as a female speedster, such as Kid Flash, especially if we do end up getting the long-rumored Kingdom Come film adaptation.

Whether DC could ever land a Marvel star like Zendaya to play as The Flash or anyone else is another matter, though. On paper, it may look like she has a pretty free schedule: aside from Dune: Part Two, the only thing on her upcoming docket is the romantic drama Challengers, and that’s already in post-production. Then again, it may take a lot of time and energy to film her Dune scenes, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the MCU has enough secret plans to keep her busy for a good, long time, along with the still unknown filming date for Euphoria Season 3.

Everything being equal, though, we still think that Zendaya would make a perfect Flash. In her different roles, she has always embodied the kind of warmth, humor, and slight goofiness that we particularly associate with Wally West from the comics. Simply put, she’d be a perfect silver screen speedster, and that’s a Flash Fact.