See Viggo Mortensen As Neo In AI’s Imagined 1980s Matrix Movie

An AI program has remade one of the most classic sci-fi movies, as Viggo Mortensen has been cast in The Matrix.

By James Brizuela | Updated

viggo mortensen matrix

People are beginning to use artificial intelligence for many things, including having programs recreate some of the best movies. However, these movies are often nightmare fuel, as AI has not quite figured things out correctly. A new AI-produced movie showcases Viggo Mortensen as Neo in The Matrix, along with a ton of other big-name 1980s actors, which you can see below:

The first image in the above Instagram post showcased Viggo Mortensen as Neo along with Sharon Stone as Trinity in this bizarre new version of The Matrix. Interestingly, there are more casting choices that make sense for the era, including Tommy Lee Jones as Agent Smith and Jeff Goldblum as Morpheus. This new Infinite Odyssey Magazine has stated it is attempting to make beautiful AI-based art, though we are not sure how artful this redesigned movie is, as it is quite scary.

One of the scarier aspects of Viggo Mortensen and the other actors in this AI-based version of The Matrix is that many of the images feature everyone with far too many fingers. One of the images of this newly proposed 1980s Matrix showcases Tommy Lee Jones in the role of Agent Smith, but his hands contain at least six fingers each. AI might be sourcing its images online, but the extra fingers are just bizarre.

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To be honest, the actors that have been cast in this new version would be quite amazing. Viggo Mortensen as Neo in The Matrix would have been incredible, including Goldblum as Morpheus and Jones as Agent Smith. We hope that this AI program can produce an entire movie one day that implants these characters, just to see how different the tone of the movie would be.

We do have to hand it to this AI program for casting such great talent like Viggo Mortensen in The Matrix, along with the stellar actors that it has also chosen. Also, the green landscape that is embedded into the city is quite accurate, though the machines are frightening. We are not sure if the machine shown in the above images is meant to replicate the sentinels, but they are far scarier.

AI programs work at pulling images from the vast wealth of knowledge on the internet, though as everyone can see, some of those images are then distorted in frightening ways. Viggo Mortensen leading The Matrix is not the worst idea in the world but adding extra fingers to people is something that many might not understand. It’s also ironic that AI is being used to recreate a movie about AI taking over the world.

Check out the above images of stars like Viggo Mortensen and Sharon Stone in the most beloved roles from The Matrix, however, beware of the scary nature that this film is presenting. The dystopian future also seems to be far more concerning in this 1980s remake and could be confused with a music video from Depeche Mode. Either way, this is quite an interesting remake of a classic movie.