See Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Looking Ready For Adventure In Uncharted

By Carolyn Jenkins | 12 seconds ago

tom holland mark wahlberg uncharted

Action-adventure films once seemed to be a thing of the past. The early aughts had a wave of adventure films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure. These fun-filled films were often family friendly geared more towards vicarious thrill rides than violence. Now with the recent success of Jungle Cruise, it seems that action-adventures are back (via Forbes). Paired with the success of Tom Holland’s career, the new film Uncharted seems like a no-brainer, and Mark Wahlberg is along for the ride. Now that Sony has revealed a new poster for the film, fans can get more excitement out of this adventure.

The poster features Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the lead roles. Also pictured are Antonio Banderas and Sophi Ali (via Collider). Uncharted is an adaptation of the popular video game which follows Nathan Drank (Holland) and his mentor Sully (Wahlberg) as they hunt for lost treasure. In the film, the two embark on a race to find Ferdinand Magellan’s lost treasure. Their competition lies with Moncada (Antonio Banderas) who believes that his family is entitled to the treasure. You can see the poster below.

tom holland mark wahlberg uncharted poster

Uncharted has had a difficult time being made. The adaptation based on the Naughty Dog game series has had a flurry of directors leave the project in the past (via The Verge). It has been in development so long that Wahlberg was originally slated to appear as the young treasure hunter, Drake. Now he appears as Drake’s older mentor Sully. Early fans had also considered Nathan Fillion for the lead role. Not only does Fillion share the same first name as Drake’s, but they also shared personality traits as well (via CBR). Fillion was a passionate player of the games and it seemed as though he would be a perfect fit. The Firefly actor went on to star in the role in a 2018 fan made short film, but it was not to be. Tom Holland was cast in 2017 and now fans will finally see the ultimate result.

Tom Holland did not exactly fight for the role, but he did have an interesting journey to get to play Nathan Drake. Holland’s road to Uncharted started with a failed James Bond pitch. At the time, Holland had pitched Sony any idea about a younger version of Bond. Holland admitted himself that the pitch was a failure and was not a hit with the executives. However, it did give them an idea. With Holland’s relationship with Sony, he could be a good choice for the lead role in a property they had the rights to. Although video games do not have the greatest track records for film adaptation success, it seems that Holland can do no wrong.

The young actor has been wishy-washy about his Marvel return after Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the success of the film speaks for itself. Fans and critics have been raving about the movie, even going so far as putting the film forward for Oscar consideration. Kevin Feige told The New York Times that Spider-Man 4 is in development. But even without it, Tom Holland will be doing fine. This upcoming property already has an established fan base and he should be working for the foreseeable future.