See She-Hulk’s Head On A Stick

Patti Harrison showed some behind-the-scene shots of She-Hulk as a head on a stick.

By James Brizuela | Published

Who doesn’t love behind-the-scenes shots? A good collection of behind-the-scenes photos were shared by Patti Harrison, who recently starred in an episode of She-Hulk alongside Tatiana Maslany. Harrison took to her Instagram to showcase these photos, which include one of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk as a giant head on a stick.

Clearly, the She-Hulk head on a stick is a stand-in for Maslany, who was likely not needed for the shot. However, there is a ton of great detail in the head, which looks exactly like Jennifer Walters, leaving the behind-the-scenes photo to look quite hilarious. Her smile and long black hair are immaculate, and it does look quite odd when seeing what is used as Maslany’s stand-in, or rather, what they use to ensure that Maslany is indeed as tall as Walters is in Hulk form.

If you are not caught up on, She-Hulk, look away, as the rest of this article will contain spoilers for the current episodes.

She-Hulk just released its sixth episode on Thursday, in which Patti Harrison appeared as the character Lulu. Lulu is getting married and is upset that Jennifer has turned herself into She-Hulk for the event, as the attention is now not on her for her big day, and she asks Jennifer to appear as her normal self. When the scene was being filmed, Harrison was clearly talking to the severed head of Walters, which is quite on par with the rest of the humor of the series.

daredevil born again

She-Hulk has three episodes left, leaving many to wonder what is going to happen next, especially in allowing the world to see Matt Murdock return as Daredevil. His return was teased at the end of episode 5, via his helmet being shown in Luke Jacobson’s shop. However, Murdock has been a no-show so far, even after episode 6 ended.

We all know that Daredevil is meant to show up, as he was one of the big moments teased in the She-Hulk trailer. We even know that he is meant to team up with She-Hulk after they fight one another, but with three episodes left, we understand the impatience that everyone is currently feeling. The hope is that he does not appear for the final episode only, leaving everyone to wonder why he had been teased in the first place.

She-Hulk is meant to have some heavy MCU implications, as most Marvel entries do, and one of those implications could be setting up the new Daredevil: Born Again series. We would expect with Walters’s legal prowess, she is either going to team up with Murdock, or she could get roped into helping Kingpin somehow.

Whatever happens next, we are more than happy to see She-Hulk take on the challenges ahead. We are even more thrilled to get such great behind-the-scenes shots, so we have to thank Patti Harrison for posting those on her Instagram page. Hopefully, our above theory comes true, and we get to see Matt Murdock soon, and even Kingpin appearing would be amazing too.