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By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

michael b. jordan

How many years have audiences waited to see Michael B. Jordan as Superman now? For most fans, it has to be at least two or three years that it’s been an active part of the conversation. We now know that a new Superman project is on the way. J.J. Abrams’ company will produce. Ta-Nehisi Coates is working on the script. And we have confirmed that the actor in the starring role will be played by a Black man. Hopes are high that Michael B. Jordan will be the one we’ll see in the cape. Fan artist Aitesam Farooq has given us a stunning look at how Jordan could look if he takes on the superhero movie. 

The fan artist’s take on the classic costume did a great job modernizing the look. The red and gold coloring on the famous S helps it particularly stand out. In the background, you’ll notice Michael B. Jordan pictured in a black suit and tie with the classic Clark Kent glasses. In both versions of Jordan’s face, the artist depicted Jordan as a very serious Superman, going heavily for the burdened Clark Kent struggling to do the right thing. Often, we see the Man of Steel with a focus on the chiseled jaw and charming smile. One of the reasons Michael B. Jordan has long been such a popular pick for the superhero is that it would be easy to imagine him playing the character either way. He has the winning smile. We saw him struggle to achieve greatness as Adonis in Creed. Could he do it again in the new Superman?

While we know that Bad Robot is producing the Superman project and Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing, we don’t know what the story will be yet. In the past, Michael B. Jordan has expressed an interest in playing Calvin Ellis. In the comics, there are multiple versions of Earth. In Earth 23, there is a character known as Calvin Ellis, who is Superman on that Earth. It’s been a couple years since Jordan said he would be interested in that part. It will be interesting to see how Coates handles writing the Superman project and how that will affect who will be willing to play the part. 

If Michael B. Jordan is hesitant to take on the Man of Steel, it would be hard to blame him. Previously, he was in 2015’s Fantastic Four. He played Human Torch a.k.a. Johnny Storm. The character was depicted as white in the comics. The backlash against Jordan’s casting was intense. The film’s director, Josh Trank, has said he read a lot of death threats against him posted online, particularly on IMDB message boards. During filming, he slept with a gun next to his bed. Both before the movie came out, during its release, and for years after, Michael B. Jordan’s casting in the movie is a primary part of the conversation surrounding the box office flop. 

michael b. jordan

Despite these setbacks, it’s hard to deny that Michael B. Jordan looks good in the cape. If the studio manages a deal with the actor for the part, it would be great to see them take such a modern reworking to update his classic costume.

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