See Kit Harrington Fight Climate Change in Star-Studded Streaming Show

Kit Harrington will star in the climate crisis series, Extrapolations, and we have the first look at images from the series.

By Britta DeVore | Published

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While we patiently wait for the return of Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow in the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones spinoff series, our thirst for the actor will be quenched soon via his appearance in the climate change-based Apple TV+ drama, Extrapolations. The story will weave together the experiences of several interconnected folks as they deal with the major problems and fallouts caused by the ongoing climate crisis. Some recently released images give us our first taste of the action to come and first peeks of the top-tier cast with Harrington, who you can see below, as dreamy and forlorn as ever, taking special care to plant a tiny sapling. 

kit harrington extrapolations

Along with Kit Harrington, the series will also star Academy and Golden Globe Award-winner Meryl Streep (Sophie’s Choice), Sienna Miller (Factory Girl), Diane Lane (Unfaithful), David Schwimmer (Friends), Edward Norton (Fight Club), Daveed Diggs (Hamilton), Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians), and Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man). And, that lineup only begins to cover the huge names that will appear in Apple TV+’s latest series. While they all didn’t receive their own first-look images, we did catch a glimpse at four of the other stars.

Just like Kit Harrington’s character, Meryl Streep is looking more than a little worried in her close-up with the actress’s character displaying a worried look while she takes a breather from reading The Little Prince. Daveed Diggs looks like he’s having a rough day as he takes care of some flooding in what appears to be a worship or gathering place, while a pregnant Sienna Miller is surrounded by what looks to be the orange glow of a forest fire. Finally, Marion Cotillard looks aghast at whatever information she’s just learned while standing in a colorful floral dress.

Extrapolations will be the latest climate disaster project to come from The Reporter journalist Scott Z. Burns who will helm the series, with Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res Studio set to produce. You can expect to see the Kit Harrington-led show crash onto Apple TV+ on March 17, 2023, with its first three episodes dropping at once. 

While we’ll always remember him as the fiercest crow to ever go north of the wall, Kit Harrington is so much more than his role on the beloved HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Since his days saving Westeros from the White Walkers, the actor has appeared in a slew of productions on both the big and small screens, with the past two years being especially good for him. From one major action franchise to another, Harrington took the plunge to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021’s Eternals as Dane Whitman aka Black Night.

With his foot just getting in the door of MCU features, there’s no telling where Kit Harrington’s character will pop up next. In 2022, the actor appeared in Bess Wohl’s spine-tingling thriller, Baby Ruby, which also served as the filmmaker’s directorial debut. There, he took on a role unlike any we’ve seen him in before, bringing a new level of fear to audiences everywhere.

Of course, we would be remiss to not mention Kit Harrington’s return to the Game of Thrones universe in the upcoming Jon Snow-centered series, currently titled Snow. While not much has been released by way of details surrounding the upcoming production, we do know that it’s in the works with Harrington stepping back into the role of his beloved character. With the Game of Thrones spinoff series House of the Dragon being such a major success for HBO, it’s our guess that the network is hoping to get Snow out there as soon as possible.