See Jude Law In Star Wars New Series, Skeleton Crew

Here is the first look at Jude Law starring in the new Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The Disney D23 expo is firing on all cylinders, and we have now been given the first look at Jude Law in the new Star Wars series, Skeleton Crew. While the image leaves a lot to the imagination, we can see that he is standing before some kind of space-age technology. The premise of the series is billed as a “1980s coming-of-age space adventure.” The series is meant to follow a group of kids that are stranded in the galaxy and must find their way home. We can see this group of children standing behind Law, but we have not been shown their faces yet. This might be a clever ploy by Lucasfilm to keep us guessing about who has been cast in this series.

Jude Law is the only cast member announced for Skeleton Crew so far, but we are likely going to be getting announcements about the kids in the crew in the coming weeks. The new Disney and Lucasfilm collaboration is said to be coming out in 2023, though there has not yet been an established timeframe. Hopefully, the series is going to be coming out in the first quarter of the year. Then again, it would have to battle The Mandalorian for views, so Disney+ might want to save the Skeleton Crew for the summertime.

skeleton crew jude law

What makes Jude Law and Skeleton Crew more exciting are that the series is being directed by Spider-Man head, Jon Watts. The man has left behind the world of the Web Crawler to take up this new series. He also stated that even those this new Star Wars series has cast mostly kids, it is not a show built just for kids. That is some good news and leaves us to wonder what is going to happen in the series. The series is also being executive produced by both Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, who happen to be the best visionaries that Star Wars currently has. Both men have banded together to bring the world back to love for the franchise.

Skeleton Crew starring Jude Law joins the lineup of many announced Star Wars shows that include The Acolyte, Andor, Tales of the Jedi, and Ahsoka. Returning shows are The Bad Batch, The Mandalorian, and Star Wars: Visions. Things seem to be looking up for the franchise, especially in the TV department. We could be seeing an influx of stories being told in the TV space and fewer movies, which is fine by us. The last trilogy left a lot of people wondering if the franchise should even continue.

Skeleton Crew starring Jude Law is going to be coming out on Disney+ next year. We are all going to be patiently waiting to see the kids that have been cast in these roles, and impatiently waiting to see a trailer for the series. Hopefully, that trailer is going to be coming out quite soon too. Everyone lucky enough to be at D23 at least got to see the first image of Mr. Law, as he presumably guides these kids back to their homes.