See Jim Carrey’s First Cartoon Posted As He Quits Twitter

By Phillip Moyer | Published

jim carrey

Comic actor Jim Carrey claims he is leaving Twitter amidst Elon Musk’s current Twitter chaos. Before his departure, however, he’s using the platform to share his latest creative endeavor: the first cartoon he’s ever made.

Teaming up with Canadian director and animator Jimmy Hayward, Jim Carrey produced a bizarre piece of work. Using what appears to be cel-shaded 3D models, it features a naked red-haired lighthouse keeper with a sea shanty in front of a lighthouse during a thunderstorm. The animation is a bit simple, but the shanty appears to be a completely original work about angels helping guide ships through the stormy night. 

Jim Carrey is not known for animation pursuits, as he became a Hollywood hit after starring in classic comedies like  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Dumb and Dumber, and has most recently been in the limelight for his role of Doctor Robotnik in the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog films. 

However, despite never producing an animation himself, Jim Carrey is no stranger to the format. In 2008, he voiced the elephant Horton in Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, which just so happened to be directed by Hayward. Carrey has also regularly posted his own drawings to Twitter, some of which he has put up for sale as NFTs. 

Jim Carrey

Hayward, in contrast to Jim Carrey, helped pioneer the art of 3D animation. He was one of the original animators for the 1994 TV series Reboot — the first TV series to ever be entirely rendered in CGI. He later moved on to Pixar, where he worked on the first two Toy Story movies, A Bug’s LifeMonster’s Inc., and the first Finding Nemo movie. In fact, his only non-animated feature is Jonah Hex

Jim Carrey’s announced departure from Twitter comes as no big surprise. When Elon Musk first took over the platform, Carrey blasted the billionaire. He ripped into musk for banning users, firing half his staff, and attempting to charge $8 for a verification checkmark. In the same post, he implied that anyone who paid the checkmark fee was gullible and easily robbed, and he claimed that Musk’s plan to land on Mars was “fake news.”

Jim Carrey didn’t specifically say what prompted him to leave the platform. However, his announcement comes on the tail of Musk announcing “amnesty” for banned accounts, followed by the European Union warning Musk that they might have to ban Twitter for violating their new Digital Services Act. 

Like pretty much everything on Twitter, many responses to Jim Carrey’s Tweet involved arguments, mockery, and general anger. Some gave the comedy star a fond farewell, while others laughed at him for allegedly sticking around despite announcing his departure. While Carrey has not deleted his account, there is currently no sign that he is still active on the platform. 

Jim Carrey has joined a growing list of celebrities who have either quit Twitter or have announced their intention to leave. The list includes comedian Whoopi Goldberg, comedian Stephen Fry, comedian Kathy Griffin, and Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal.