See Top Gun’s Glen Powell As The New Green Lantern

New fan art reveals what Top Gun's Glen Powell would look like as the next Green Lantern.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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DC Studios has an exciting lineup of films coming in the near future. Among them is Superman: Legacy, The Brave and the Bold, and the highly-anticipated Green Lantern series Lanterns. While DC Studios CEOs Peter Safran and James Gunn have not revealed who will be cast in the show, fans have already begun creating buzz over who will be starring in the series. Recently, fans have been imagining what Glen Powell might look like as Hal Jordan. 

The art posted to Instagram took fans by storm, with many showing their support for Glen Powell in the role. While it is far too early to tell who will be taking on the iconic role, many believe Glen Powell would be the perfect addition to the team. The actor, who is best known for his role in Top Gun: Maverick, would look fitting as the next Hal Jordan if the fan art is any indication.

Showing off in a stunning Green Lantern costume, fans feel as though they can see the star in live-action playing the part. Currently, there is no release date set for the series, but fans can expect it to air on HBO Max sometime in the near future. With anticipation building for the show’s release, many have been looking forward to what can be expected in the upcoming DC installment. 

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James Gunn has released some teasers, indicating that fans can expect the show to take place on Earth and will likely be of the crime/mystery genre. The show is set to follow Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a True Detective format. Promo art released for the upcoming Lanterns series has led some to speculate that the two Green Lanterns might not be on the same side. 

Like the fan art created of Glen Powell, Hal Jordan has been depicted wearing a green suit while John Stewart was wearing yellow. In the Green Lantern universe, green often is used to symbolize good, while yellow is evil, leading some to speculate that the two could be opponents in the upcoming series. 

While much about Lanterns has remained under wraps, fans can still get excited at the prospect of Glen Powell taking on the role of Hal Jordan. The Maverick actor has an impressive past that leads fans to believe he would be perfect as the famous superhero. 

Glen Powell has an acting career spanning three decades and has performed in films like Top Gun: Maverick, The Expendables 3, and The Dark Knight Rises, leading many to believe the star would take to playing Hal Jordan perfectly. He is no stranger to giving fans a gritty, rugged performance that we are sure he would bring to Lanterns. 

While there is no word yet on if fans can expect to see Glen Powell take on the role of Green Lantern, fans can still look forward to a few upcoming projects by the actor. The star is set to appear in The Most Dangerous Game, which is still in pre-production, and Hitman, currently in post-production.