See DC’s Titans’ Best Hero Redesigned In First Look

DC's Titans series has transformed Raven into White Raven.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

DC's Titans

The HBO Max series DC’s Titans ended the first half of its fourth season with an unexpected transformation. Rachel Roth, also known as the sorcerous Titans teammate Raven, transformed into White Raven during the fight against Mother Mayhem. After the episode was released, many fans complained that the episode didn’t give them a good look at her new outfit. The official Twitter account for DC’s Titans has fixed that issue before the beginning of the new year by showing off two full-body shots of actress Teagan Croft wearing the new costume.

White Raven is a popular version of the character and one that has shown up in multiple series before her appearance in DC’s Titans. She first appeared in the New Teen Titans comic book series, wearing a white coat to symbolize her shedding off her relationship with her evil demonic father, Trigon. White Raven had a similar origin story in the popular Teen Titans animated series, transforming after that version of the character renounced her relationship with Trigon and destroyed him in a blast of pure white light. The character also appeared in the kid-focused Teen Titans Go! though the goofier series shows the transformation as more of a gag than a dramatic turning point for the character.

Raven’s transformation in DC’s Titans is probably most closely related to the original comic book transformation. Both transformations took place while the heroes fought against forces attempting to bring about the evil cult leader Brother Blood. The name of the organization they’re fighting differs (in the comic books it’s called The Church of Blood while in the series, the cult is simply known as The Organization), and the cult is trying to transform Sebastian Sanger into Brother Blood rather than bring him back from the dead, but the story is about as close to the original as fans could hope for in the TV series.

titans white raven

While the image of White Raven is a welcome sight for fans of the series, many fans were more concerned about when the series will continue. Despite the transformation, the series began its mid-season break on something of a cliffhanger, and audiences are eager to find out what is coming next. However, there’s still no word on when the second half of DC’s Titans Season 4 will air, so fans are unfortunately left without an answer.

Actress Teagan Croft’s role in DC’s Titans, which unexpectedly survived HBO Discovery’s culling of the DC Universe, is by far the biggest role she has had in her short acting career. The 18-year-old actress only started her career in 2016, showing up in five episodes of the long-running Australian soap opera Home and Away. The then-12-year-old actress impressed audiences enough to be given the lead role in the little know Australian sci-fi movie The Osiris Child, which can now be watched for free on The Roku Channel and Plex.

After being cast as Raven for DC’s Titans in 2018 at the age of 14, Teagan has only ever appeared in two other works: the short film Bella and Bernie and the short film Woman of a Certain Sage. Croft is also set to play the role of Jessica Watson, the youngest person ever to sail around the world solo, in the upcoming film True Spirit.