See David Corenswet As The New Superman

Fan art from jscomicart has turned David Corenswet into the next Superman.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

David Corenswet superman

James Gunn is rebooting the Superman franchise and artist Javier Sanchez just made a pretty convincing argument for who should play the titular superhero: David Corenswet. In a post on Instagram, Sanchez presented an artistic mockup that takes Corenswet’s head and neck and places them on the comic book body of Superman – and it looks like a pretty good fit.

DC fans are going through a tough time since it was announced that the beloved Henry Cavill won’t be asked back to play Superman in another DC film. Gunn has turned the DC Universe on its head, and fans need something really good to keep them hanging on. Some hope could be seeing David Corenswet play a younger Superman.

In Sanchez’ convincing Instagram post, he gives multiple reasons why David Corenswet would be perfect for the role of Superman. For one thing, though he is a lesser-known actor, he could take the role and make it his own. He is also an imposing six feet and four inches tall, which would make him the tallest actor to don the cape since Christopher Reeve in the 1970s and 1980s.

David Corenswet superman

Sanchez goes on to say that David Corenswet is also just 29 years old, the same age Henry Cavill was when he first took on the role of Superman. This means he could play the character for quite a while before aging out of it.

Lastly, he continues, “David has the charm to pull it off.” Sanchez describes David Corenswet as “very endearing,” which is something that makes him worth rooting for, and which is one of the most important qualities of both the comic book hero and his Kansas-raised alter ego, Clark Kent.

According to MovieWeb, David Corenswet actually does seem to be the first choice when it comes to playing the next Superman, though this is all speculation. Gunn hasn’t commented publicly about who he has in mind for the role, although there are lots of actors whose names are getting thrown around in the media as fans try to do some brainstorming. Other suggestions include Stranger Things’ breakout star Joseph Quinn, Eli Goree, who played Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali in One Night in Miami, David Alvarez, who played Bernardo in the remake of West Side Story, and Jacob Elordi of Euphoria fame, whose height (he’s six foot five) and popularity make him another strong candidate.

Gunn has said in the past that the new Superman film will not be an origin story and that the character will have already met several other DC characters before the beginning of the film. Meeting Lois Lane at The Daily Planet could be something that David Corenswet could explore. Some DC fans say that a great choice for Superman’s eventual love interest could be Lili Reinhart, who costars with Corenswet in Netflix’s Look Both Ways

While it isn’t clear yet if David Corenswet has even been approached about playing Superman, a lot of people are already sold on this idea after seeing Sanchez’s artwork. The actor is handsome, tall, and talented. Plus, he can pull off Superman’s trademark hair curl. What more could you ask for in a superhero?