See Cara Delevingne Wage War In Carnival Row Season 2 First Look

Cara Delevingne returns in the first look at Carnival Row Season 2, which sees mythical creatures against humans.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

Cara Delevingne carnival row season 2

Amazon Prime Video has released a trailer for the second season of the Cara Delevingne-led series, Carnival Row. Created by René Echevarria and Travis Beacham, the show is based on a spec script by the latter. The story sees mythical creatures forced to leave their war-torn homeland and settle in human society. But tensions eventually start to simmer between citizens and the immigrant population.

The series also chronicles an investigation into a string of unsolved murders. Meanwhile, power struggles, unresolved love, and social adjustments slowly chip away at the last remnants of peace. Along with Cara Delevinge, Carnival Row also stars Orlando Bloom, Simon McBurney, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Andrew Gower, Karla Crome, Arty Froushan, Indira Varma, and Jared Harris.

The trailer for the second and final season of the neo-noir fantasy series hints at bloodshed because of the continuing power struggle between mythical creatures and humans. “If they shoot at us, nail our heads against the wall, they will pay for it in their own blood,” Cara Delevingne says in the Carnival Row clip. The story picks up with Rycroft Philostrate still investigating a series of gruesome murders.

Vignette Stonemoss and the Black Raven plan their revenge for the oppression inflicted by human leaders. Tourmaline Larou gains supernatural powers that threaten her fate, while Imogen Spurnrose and Agreus Astrayon encounter a radically new society that upends their plans. “With freedom on the line, each hero will face impossible dilemmas and soul-defining tests,” the official synopsis of Cara Delevingne’s Carnival Row says (via Gizmodo).

orlando bloom carnival row season 2

While the cast of Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, and others are set to return for the final outing of Carnival Row, the series will have a new showrunner. Erik Oelson, who previously worked on Netflix‘s Daredevil, steps in for Marc Guggenheim who exited the project after the first season. The 10-episode season will debut on February 17, with two installments each week.  

Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne recently made headlines away from the Carnival Row series. The actress recently gave fans a glimpse of her winter vacation, Cosmopolitan reports. However, it wasn’t her axe-throwing skills that had people talking. Instead, an Instagram story of the 30-year-old doing nude yoga surprised and delighted her followers. Although her face wasn’t pictured, fans pointed out that the tattoos matched hers.

The vacation clips come as Cara Delevingne takes some time off working on shows like Carnival Row to take care of her mental health. The actress was recently spotted behaving erratically in public, which worried those close to the star. In September 2022, she seemed unable to control her body movements, while looking extremely jittery at an airport.

According to IOL, the 30-year-old actress was also spotted drinking an unidentified liquid and smoking while sitting in her car for an extended time. However, her health seemed to be improving toward the end of 2022. Cara Delevingne looked healthy when attending a Paris Fashion Week event and will hopefully be doing a few press tours for the final outing of Carnival Row.