See Breaking Bad’s Walter White And Jesse Pinkman Return For The Super Bowl

Breaking Bad is returning for a Super Bowl commercial, and we have all the videos and behind-the-scenes footage here.

By James Brizuela | Published

breaking bad jesse pinkman

Breaking Bad is finally returning via a Super Bowl commercial for a new chip company called PopCorners. The world has been seeing teasers about Walter White and Jesse Pinkman returning, but now we have all the videos right here for you. Also, there is a behind-the-scenes interview with Bryan Cranston that reveals the fate of his portraying Walter White.

This is the full Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial which sees Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, respectively. What is great about the commercial, other than them trading cooking meth for making these new chips, is that they are not the only Breaking Bad characters that have returned. That’s right, Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), has also joined in on the fun.

For a bit of extra fun, the Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial also features a small TV spot that showcases the typical nature of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s relationship. Walter is chastising Jesse for flooding the engine of their iconic Winnebago. However, when Jesse finally gets it started, Walter states: “Even a blind squirrel,” which is a reference to the proverb “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.”

There was yet another Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial that teased Jesse Pinkman’s return. While the world had already known that Bryan Cranston would be returning as Walter White, the announcement of Aaron Paul coming back as Jesse for the commercial came later. Still, it was some great marketing to get these two back together one final time.

The final video comes way of Extra TV, who sat down with Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston, to discuss this Super Bowl commercial. During this interview, Cranston finally revealed, “This might be the retiring episode of the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe.” It is truly sad that both men are retiring from their greatest characters, but at least they are going on a high note.

Vince Gilligan created a massively successful universe that started with Breaking Bad, and though the series ended 10 years ago, fans will still flock to watch this Super Bowl commercial. The series is regarded as the best series that has ever been made, and it helped to spawn the Better Call Saul prequel series. Both Cranston and Paul returned to reprise their roles one final time when the events of Better Call Saul finally caught up to the events of Breaking Bad.

While fans will surely be able to see this Breaking Bad commercial during the Super Bowl tomorrow, you can all watch it right now. There might be more TV spots that we did not cover above, which could also find their way during the commercials of the NFL championship game. We certainly hope to possibly see Gus Fring pop up as well.

For now, we can all be happy that Breaking Bad was able to bring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul back one final time, even if that was just for a chip commercial for the Super Bowl. We hope to see these characters again, but we doubt that will happen anytime soon.