See Andrew Garfield Transform Into Frankenstein For New Guillermo Del Toro Movie

Giant Freakin Robot has put together some art that showcases what Andrew Garfield will look like as Frankenstein's monster.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

andrew garfield

A pic posted to Instagram shows what Andrew Garfield could look like in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Frankenstein project. We broke the news recently that the Amazing Spider-Man star has been cast as the infamous fire-fearing monster in a new movie by the Pinocchio director. Now a picture created by Giant Freakin Robot for their Instagram account gives fans a realistic glimpse of the cursed child such an unholy union might produce.

The picture shows Garfield with green skin, an attribute given to the Frankenstein monster in several adaptations, as well as sunken cheeks and an abundance of forehead creases. It’s still unmistakably Andrew Garfield but with a more ghoulish appearance. Notably missing are stitches and bolts, two more mainstays of the average Frankenstein portrayal, but it’s easy to picture where they might go.

The Hacksaw Ridge star will be joining a cast that includes Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac as Doctor Frankenstein, the creator of the titular monster. The two MCU stars are in good hands with del Toro. If there’s one thing the Shape of Water director knows, it’s how to do a creature feature.

The question is, what kind of creature will del Toro’s movie feature?

When most people picture Frankenstein, he looks very similar to Andrew Garfield in the above picture. This “classic” look — flat head, prominent brow, green pallor — originated with Boris Karloff in the 1931 Univeral film Frankenstein. Since that initial film, the look of Karloff’s monster has become ubiquitous with the name Frankenstein despite still being owned by Universal.

andrew garfield

Copyright is a complicated beast. While Universal owns a certain Frankenstein look, the character itself is public domain, hence del Toro’s upcoming Netflix adaptation. Several Frankenstein adaptations have been made since the 1931 original, and most have somehow had to get around Universal’s copyright. Usually, this means no bolts or bolts somewhere other than the creature’s neck and a skin color other than green.

There is a real chance that Andrew Garfield may look very different from the way he’s pictured on Instagram. The actor could end up buried under so many prosthetics that he’s completely unrecognizable. On the other hand, he could look completely normal with a few faint scars. Ultimately it’s up to Guillermo del Toro to decide how best to bring his vision of the classic monster to life.

There is no shortage of previous versions of Frankenstein for del Toro to look towards for inspiration when it comes to the design of his monster. The Pan’s Labyrinth director often crafts strange, original creatures for his movies, meaning that Andrew Garfield could end up looking like no Frankenstein audiences have ever seen. Whatever design the director lands on, it’s sure to be a feast for the eyes.

Andrew Garfield is sure to knock it out of the park as Mary Shelley’s misunderstood corpse-man. Garfield, still riding high after his fan-favorite return as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home is no doubt eager to prove his newfound Hollywood clout is no fluke. Now the actor just has to practice saying “Fire bad” over and over into the mirror.