Russo Brothers Want To Make Secret Wars?

Could the Russo brothers be adapting Secret Wars? It sure looks like they want to and this would a massive undertaking.

By Doug Norrie | Published

marvel secret wars

With everything that Marvel has already done and everything it has planned, it’s hard to imagine something even bigger coming down the pike that we don’t already know about. The landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already been spread so wide and deep that it seems like we’d almost be greedy if we expected something even more massive to hit the big screen in the coming years. But that definitely could be the case especially if the Russo brothers (Joe and Anthony) have anything to do with it. That’s because they are now on record as wanting to adapt Secret Wars into a movie and if that happened, even in their own words, it would be bigger than Infinity War and End Game. Now we’re talking.

The Russo brothers were speaking with Deadline at the premiere for their Netflix movie The Gray Man which is hitting the streamer this week. During it, they were asked about what projects they’d like to undertake in the future. Joe Russo dove into it some with the pair’s desire to make the Secret Wars storyline into a movie, though admitted there would be significant challenges to doing so. Check out what they had to say about the prospect of getting Secret Wars at some point.

Now, it stands to reason that the Russo Brothers are talking about adapting the original Secret Wars story, though there are a few to choose from. In the original story, a character called the Beyonder transports a whole host of Marvel heroes and villains to a place called Battleworld and the two groups are meant to essentially fight it out for supremacy. It came out back in 1985 and features nearly the entirety of the Marvel catalog to that point. 

The most recent version of Secret Wars came out in 2015 and had more of a Multiverse element to it, something that would at least be in line with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this one, the Multiverse is collapsing into itself with different Universes in great peril. Doctor Doom is able to defeat the Beyonder and then take characters from different universes in Battleworld. It has a broader concept than the original story in that it gives us glimpses of all different Marvel Universes running at that point, combining them into an epic story. The whole undertaking was massive.

Secret Wars isn’t to be confused with the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion which has an entirely different storyline. And look, if there was a directing duo that was going to take something like this on and pull it off it would be the Russo Brothers. When it comes to big Marvel movies, they just get it. Having helmed the aforementioned Infinity War and End Game along with Captain America: Civil War the pair has already accomplished the biggest ensemble movies the MCU has made. Let’s add another one to the list sooner than later, please. In the meantime, check out The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling in his return to feature-length movies which is premiering on Netflix this week.