Sebastian Stan Explains Why He Did Nudity

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

Bucky Barnes

Sebastian Stan nudity isn’t something you’d expect to see in the Marvel universe. That goes without saying. But he is an excellent actor, so good in fact that he’s taking more and more roles outside of what put him in the limelight, to begin with. He’s been rumored for all kinds of projects going forward, but he’s making sure to not be typecast simply within the comic book/ superhero world. This can be an important thing for up and coming (or even established) talents to make sure they can showcase the ability to play a wide variety of roles and take on different challenges. That’s just what Stan did recently in a movie that saw him actually do a nude scene. This is, for sure, a divergence from his Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier persona, and the actor explained his decision.

Sebastian Stan nudity came in the film Monday and in an interview with The Wrap, the actor described the process of getting nude on screen for the first time and why he was able to finally take that proverbial leap. The flick, from filmmaker Argyris Papadimitropoulos, follows Stan and co-star Denise Gough on an intense and romantic relationship. And during the film, the two are asked to bear it all. Stan said of the experience,

“If it was truthful and made sense, then OK. Obviously, trust was a big thing here. I knew we were trying to tell such an honest depiction of a relationship that we were going to be open to whatever that meant, as long as it remained truthful and made sense.”

sebastian stan

Here it is clear that with this Sebastian Stan nudity, he was able to see the vision for the movie and, in this case, trust Papadimitropoulos’s judgment when it came to what should happen on screen. Because it involves such a torrid love affair as the central focus of the film, it made sense for part of that to be the nakedness involved with the passion. In this way, it is clear that Stan saw this as a definitely artistic choice through and through. It can’t be easy for anyone to get fully naked on screen, though actors as part of their process. And his co-star Gough clearly saw things the same way. She had this to say regarding the experience and reasoning behind them baring it all in the film:

“It’s glorious how he uses the camera. They have a less f—ed up version of sex in Greece on film. Sebastian did as much as I did to carry those scenes so it never felt like, ‘oh we’re going to watch a woman having sex with a man.’ It was like, we’re going to watch a couple have a relationship, and that’s part of the relationship.”

As for more Sebastian Stan nudity, it’s unlikely he’s asked to go this artistic direction anytime soon with his current, ongoing role. He’s in his first season of the Disney+ limited series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In it, he reprises his Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier character and is teamed up with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. The timeline picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame when Chris Evans’ Captain America handed over the shield and went about his way. The show has been met with critical praise, sitting at 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and earning positive marks for how Stan and Mackie have taken the characters. 

sebastian stan

And of course, Sebastian Stan nudity or not, the actor continues to be rumored for a possible role in the Star Wars universe. His striking resemblance to a younger Mark Hamill/ Luke Skywalker has fans dreaming of him taking over the role when The Mandalorian comes back for its third season. Whether this ever comes to fruition remains to be seen. But it’s clear the actor will be in line for major roles going forward based on his talent and artistic choices.