Sebastian Stan Getting A Solo Marvel Series

By Drew Dietsch | 2 months ago

sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan has cemented himself as one of the fan-favorite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. James Buchanan Barnes a.k.a. Bucky has had an incredibly tumultuous journey but seems to finally be finding some level of peace and closure with his story. However, there are plenty of interesting avenues to explore with the character now that his programming as the Winter Soldier has been removed. Many have assumed he would be playing a crucial role in the upcoming fourth Captain America movie, but it looks like there could be other plans for the hero on the streaming service Disney+, the home of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We Got This Covered is claiming that they have sources saying that Sebastian Stan could be getting his own solo series on Disney+. The outlet does not go into any further detail so that is all we have to go on. Is this a possibility? Sure, but we already know that there will likely be a role for Bucky in Captain America 4 since the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier changed its name to Captain America and the Winter Soldier. It would not make sense to exclude Bucky from the new film considering how vital he has been to the story of Captain America. Exactly how he will be utilized in that story remains to be seen, but if the plan is to give Sebastian Stan his own solo series on Disney+, we imagine it will spin out of the events from Captain America 4.

So, what could we possibly expect from a solo series that focused on Bucky Barnes? There are a few strong possibilities. While the character did take over the role of Captain America in the comics, we are pretty confident in saying that Sebastian Stan will not be wearing the mantle of the stars and stripes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if that is off the table, what else could be done with the character? If the plan is to completely rebrand him now that the Winter Soldier personality is gone, he could lean completely into the White Wolf moniker that was given to him during his tenure in Wakanda. That seems like the strongest possibility since it is a title he has worn before and represents an identity he feels comfortable adapting into his life.

sebastian stan

Or could Sebastian Stan take on a new role? Marvel recently trademarked the term “Marvel Studios Nomad”, which would seem to point towards them doing something with the character of Nomad. In the comics, Nomad was the identity Steve Rogers took on after he decided to give up being Captain America. With Steve out of the picture, it would seem like Sebastian Stan is the perfect character to take on the identity of Nomad. It pretty much typifies him as a wandering character, searching for purpose and a cause worth fighting for. It’s a great name, it would distance Bucky further from the Winter Soldier, and could establish a specific tone for a Disney+ series. Giving Bucky a road story as Nomad would be perfect fodder for a multi-episode story. If we were betting any money, we would wager it all on Nomad being the series Marvel Studios wants to develop for Sebastian Stan.

We will have to wait and see what becomes of this rumor and if Sebastian Stan ends up headlining his own Disney+ solo series.