Exclusive: Sean Bean Has Joined Marvel In A Pivotal Role

According to our trusted and proven sources, Sean Bean is joining Marvel and we think he is not going to be what he seems.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

sean bean, black death

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently announced that the current Phase Four of the mega-franchise was going to reveal its “direction” soon. That is pretty much to say, Marvel knows that it seems like things are confusing in the MCU right now, and they plan to do something about that. Given that Marvel Studios seems to be snatching up A-list actors left and right, it does all seem to be building to something big. According to our trusted and proven sources, beloved character actor Sean Bean has been cast for a “pivotal role” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there are many roles that Sean Bean could play for Marvel, we are going to assert a controversial speculation and say that he will be playing comic books’ most devilish villain: Mephisto

Sean bean

We know, we know. Marvel fans have been speculating for years about how, where, and when Mephisto might be showing up, and they have been disappointed every time. However, Sean Bean joining Marvel as Mephisto might be our best chance to see the ultimate tempter actually show up. Our trusted and proven sources tell us that Sean Bean will be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a cameo in an upcoming project, which will lead to a more expanded role. There are any number of projects that Sean Bean could be appearing in, notably the still-mysterious Fantastic Four movie and the Disney+ series Secret Invasion. And if he is playing Mephisto, we predict that he will initially be appearing as a good guy. 

In Marvel Comics, Mephisto is pretty much the Devil. He is immensely powerful, immortal, and the embodiment of evil itself, but he does not really have a plan to conquer the multiverse (like Jonathan Major’s upcoming Kang) or to remake it in his own image (like Josh Brolin’s Thanos). Instead, he wants to tarnish the souls of heroes and basically make everything a little more evil. He most frequently attempts to accomplish this by subterfuge, disguising his intentions and luring do-gooders into darkness through the well-established “make a deal with the Devil” technique. Sean Bean as Marvel’s Mephisto would be ideal for this role, as he is known for playing characters that are more than what they seem or have hidden nefarious intentions, like Lord of the Rings’ Boromir or his evil Agent 006 Alec Trevelyan in Goldeneye

Casting Sean Bean as Marvel’s Mephisto could potentially play on viewers’ expectations of his iconic past roles, as well as the ambiguity as to whether he is a good guy or not. Setting him up as a potential Big Bad in upcoming Marvel projects would also avoid another villain like Thanos, who is an adversary of brute force and domination. Instead, Sean Bean’s role could be as a villain who plays people behind the scenes, sowing discord and confusion for no other reason than it is his nature to do so. And if Marvel ever decides to bring the Silver Surfer into play, his greatest adversary could already be waiting.