Sean Bean Wants A Game Of Thrones Return

Sean Bean wants to play Ned Stark in a new Game of Thrones project.

By Chad Langen | Published

During a recent interview with Screen Rant to promote the upcoming sci-fi action flick Knights of Zodiac, Sean Bean expressed interest in returning to the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. The veteran actor played the character of Eddard “Ned” Stark in the inaugural season of the acclaimed series, who met a heart-wrenching and shocking death at the end of Season 1. Nevertheless, the 64-year-old star disclosed his eagerness to portray the character once again if the opportunity arises.

“I don’t know if he’d ever be incorporated again,” Sean Bean said of his Game of Thrones character. “But yeah, it’s always nice to think that you could be involved in some way in such a great series, something that became worldwide,” he added. “I don’t think at the time, we knew with Lord of the Rings how big that was going to turn out, and it was the same with Game of Thrones.”

Indeed, the epic fantasy TV show took the world by storm, particularly with its cast of talented actors who brought the intricate world of Westeros to life. There’s no arguing that Sean Bean made a profound impact on the success of Game of Thrones. Despite his character’s early death, Bean’s portrayal of Ned Stark left an indelible mark on the series and contributed significantly to its triumph.

Sean Bean brought his experience and gravitas to the character of the honorable and loyal Lord of Winterfell from the beginning of Game of Thrones. His nuanced portrayal of the character breathed life into the show’s complex narrative, and his strong screen presence captivated audiences worldwide. It’s safe to say a big part of the series’ initial success can be attributed to Bean’s masterful performance, which set the tone of the show’s dramatic and often brutal storyline.

Even though Sean Bean’s character was no longer alive following the end of the first season of Game of Thrones, his presence continued to be felt throughout the series. Stark’s legacy remained an important part of the show’s storyline as his family and friends sought justice for his untimely demise. In particular, his children, Arya and Sansa Stark, would become key players in the series, with their stories intertwined with their father’s legacy.

Moreover, Sean Bean’s performance as Ned Stark helped set the bar for Game of Thrones’ high standard of acting. His portrayal of the character showcased the level of talent that was required for the show’s success, and his influence was evident in the performances of his fellow cast members. His impact was so significant that his death became a benchmark for the series’ continued success, and many viewers would go on to compare subsequent seasons to the show’s initial offering.

While Sean Bean is clearly down to return as Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones universe, the likelihood of it happening is slim. Considering his character was beheaded, any potential return would require some seriously creative writing from the showrunners. Moreover, the series has already ended, making it challenging to bring back his character in any meaningful way.

It’s also worth noting that any potential return of Ned Stark could undermine the impact of the character’s death and the legacy he left behind. Therefore, while some fans may hold out hope for a potential return, it’s unlikely that Sean Bean will reprise his iconic role as Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones universe. Of course, in the realm of fiction, we never say never.