Scream Star Teases Fantastic Four Casting?

Scream 6 star Mason Gooding posted an image with a lighter and the caption "Flame On," leading fans to think he's the Fantastic Four's next Human Torch.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Mason Gooding was part of last year’s Scream 5, but in the recently released Scream 6, he rose above the supporting cast and became part of the “Core Four,” even if his high-five was left hanging. Now, in a recent post he shared on his social media, he’s teased a hot new possible role in the MCU. The Fantastic Four needs a Human Torch, and Gooding has thrown his hat into the ring to be the next Johnny Storm.

The image caption to Gooding holding a lit lighter reads “Flame On! As the kids say,” which has been taken to be a reference to the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. Alright, it’s a pretty obvious reference, but MCU fans are already parsing what it means for the upcoming movie. After John Krasinki’s fan-casting was made real as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, comic fans have been trying to form the perfect on-screen version of Marvel’s First Family.

Fox brought the Fantastic Four to the big screen on three previous occasions, with disastrous results on Rotten Tomatoes, though ironically, the Human Torch has been the best part of every film. In the first two movies, Chris Evans played the daredevil ladies’ man, while in the more recent Josh Trank film, Michael B. Jordan was Johnny Storm. Both actors have gone on to incredible careers in the MCU, while Jordan directed one of the year’s top films, Creed 3.

If Mason Gooding joins the shortlist of Human Torch actors, he’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with a pair of Hollywood’s most successful leading men. In Scream 6, Gooding made Chad Meeks-Martin one of the ensemble’s best parts, rounding out the “Core Four” of Melissa Barerra, Jasmin Savoy-Brown, and Jenna Ortega. Alongside the survivors of Scream 5 are Jack Champion, Liano Liberto, Henry Czerny, Dermot Mulroney, and Josh Segarra.

chris evans deadpool 3
Chris Evans as the Human Torch

For various reasons, Mason Gooding may not be back for a Scream 7, but if he’s busy filming Fantastic Four for the MCU, horror fans will understand why he had to go. Landing a superhero role is usually the window to other opportunities, such as Barry Keoghan going from the ensemble in Eternals to the villain of Gladiator 2. Gooding may not end up being the next Chris Evans or Michael B. Jordan, but he’ll never know unless he takes a shot.

Teasing social media postings like the one he shared may not mean anything officially, especially with the Fantastic Four casting process being kept under secrecy at the moment, but it tests the waters and can get fans excited to root for their favorite pick. What worked to bring John Krasinski to life as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four could do the same for the Human Torch and Mason Gooding.

Scream 6 is currently in theaters now, giving fans more time to see Gooding steal nearly every scene he’s in with his biggest role yet. Will he one day get to shout, “Flame On!” as part of the MCU? We don’t know, but Marvel could do a lot worse than finding another rising young star to play Johnny Storm; after all, it’s worked twice already.