Scream Fans Can Now Be Chased By A Serial Killer In Real Life

Scream VI: The Experience is opening up in Los Angeles to promote the upcoming film, letting fans enjoy a tour likely to be interrupted by the Ghostface Killer.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

Have you ever wanted to be chased by a killer? There are many ways to accomplish that, but if you want to do it without the actual risk of getting killed off, Scream VI: The Experience might be what you’re looking for. We say it might because the official website is a bit cagey about what exactly will happen in the experience, but you must be 17 or older to get in, so they’re probably not just serving ice cream in there.

The upcoming immersive experience, which is being offered to promote the latest film in the genre-defying Scream franchise, will allow fans to walk through a replica of New York, which is where Scream VI will take place. The walkthrough boasts that it’ll let fans get “Up close and personal” with props from the franchise, and says that visitors might “get a call” from the series Ghostface killer. While this probably doesn’t mean Ghostface will stab you in the face with a Buck 120 Hunting Knife, we make no guarantees.

Scream fans can enjoy the free experience in Santa Monica, California, over the next two weekends: the weekend of February 25 and the weekend of March 4. The official website recommends you make a reservation before arriving, which is too bad because all the reservations are already taken. Luckily, the experience will still let you wait in the standby line and hope there’s still room.

Fans hope to take home some Scream-themed merchandise to commemorate the experience — but the venue, unfortunately, isn’t selling any. They’re also not selling food or drink, and if you need to pee, you must use one of the already-existing public restrooms nearby. 

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Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox in Scream

If you did manage to snag a Scream VI: The Experience reservation, you’re expected to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time — arrive late, and you’re getting sent into the standby line.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, the original Scream featured an unusual blend of horror and meta-humor, managing to remain both funny and terrifying simultaneously. The franchise has kept with this formula ever since. So far, there has only been one bad Scream film: Scream 3, which has received scathing reviews from critics and fans alike. 

Scream VI is coming out just over a year after the well-received fifth movie (unhelpfully just titled Scream) made $140 million off a $24 million budget. This fifth Scream film came almost 11 years after Scream 4, proving that there’s still love for the long-running franchise.

If you can’t make it to Santa Monica for the experience or don’t want to wait in a long, food-free line without the guarantee of getting in, you can still catch Scream VI when it debuts in theaters on March 10, 2023. The movie will once again star Melissa Barerra as Sam Carpenter. Courtney Cox will also return to her role as Gale Weathers, and Jenna Ortega will again play Sam’s sister, Tara.