Scott Bakula Returning To Quantum Leap?

The showrunner for the Quantum Leap reboot has hinted at Scott Bakula appearing at some point.

By James Brizuela | Published

The new Quantum Leap reboot is underway, but the biggest question regarding the new series is, will Scott Bakula return at some point? While the answer to that question has seemingly been answered, as Bakula himself alluded to not being involved in the series at all recently, showrunner Martin Gero thinks that a cameo could happen later on.

According to Gero, “I will respectfully always ask him to do the show. I have a very, very good idea that Deborah (Pratt) knows about and that Don (Bellisario) knows about. I think it could be really exciting.” Gero added that Scott Bakula is a “no” right now, but that does not necessarily mean that he is going to be a “no” forever.

Gero’s comments also hint that he might know something that the world cannot know just yet, meaning that Scott Bakula could be involved in some manner down the line. The entire Quantum Leap program is restarted with Dr. Sam Beckett having disappeared for more than 30 years, so how would a show that mentions the man’s name not have the man show up at some point? It would be a bit naive to think that Beckett isn’t going to be discovered in some other timeline during the new show’s run.

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For now, Raymond Lee is taking on the role of Dr. Ben Song, who restarts the Quantum Leap program, leaving him to decipher the program’s biggest secrets and its creator’s secrets as well. Sam Beckett has vanished for 30 years, and now Song is taking a new team on the time-traveling journey of a lifetime. Again, with Beckett’s name being part of the synopsis and basis for the show, it would stand to reason that Scott Bakula is going to make it into the series.

Scott Bakula has also hoped that the new Quantum Leap reboot is accepted, as he believes the concept is “worthy of exploration,” so that could mean that he decided not to be a part of it to allow the series to stand on its own. That is a respectable approach, though many fans have expressed their want of Bakula to be involved, as the original series was quite a beloved venture.

Dean Stockwell passed away this year, who portrayed the partner of Scott Bakula in the original Quantum Leap series. Bakula might also not want to revisit the show, as he would not want to start anything up in that universe without Stockwell being part of it. This is just speculation, but it could be one of the reasons why Bakula decided to pass on being involved in this revival.

Either way, the new Quantum Leap revival series is already off and running, and Raymond Lee has now stepped into the main role for the series. Joining Lee are Mason Alexander Park, Caitlin Bassett, Nanrisa Lee, and Ernie Hudson. Scott Bakula is not involved right now, but if the show is a success, maybe he can make a small cameo down the line.

Quantum Leap had a two-episode premiere on Monday, September 26th, with a planned weekly release schedule. Fans can now catch the episodes on Peacock, as that is the streaming platform dedicated to the shows on NBC. Raymond Lee should do just fine leading the pack, which was once inhabited by Scott Bakula.