Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Season Two Blooper Reel

Worf can't keep it together.

By Rudie Obias | Updated

The blooper reel from season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation is featured on the sci-fi series’ Blu-ray release, and it shows the wide range of silliness aboard the Starship Enterprise. One of the best moments throughout the blooper reel is Michael Dorn as Lieutenant Commander Worf. He is responsible for breaking most of the actors’ concentration in the scenes that he appears in. Check out the Next Gen blooper reel below.

Doesn’t Michael Dorn make everything better? The other highlights of the 10-minute Star Trek: The Next Generation season two blooper reel include Patrick Stewart walking through futuristic doors that don’t open, Brent Spiner’s “Data on acid” line, and Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton’s “secret handshake.” This collection of flubbed line readings and bursts of laughter has to contribute to a Star Trek fan’s love of The Next Generation cast.

So far, the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation have been released on Blu-ray with exclusive bonus features, interviews, and digitally restored picture and sound. Hopefully, CBS Television will release all of the seasons on Blu-ray so fans could get a chance to watch more blooper reels from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s later seasons.

At the end of the blooper reel, an extremely happy Gene Roddenberry is featured singing with Michael Dorn and later Patrick Stewart. To see the camaraderie with Roddenberry and a new Star Trek cast and crew is priceless.

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