Watch One Moore Episode Of Portlandia And Share In The Battlestar Galactica Love

By Steve West | Updated

Portlandia is a show that if you’re not a fan of, you owe it to yourself to get on board. Although the series from Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein is not sci-fi, it is one of the best things on television. When it was revealed there would be a little Ronald D. Moore love in the form of a short based upon a couple marathoning through Battlestar Galactica it got everyone excited. Something about the quirky comedic nature of the show makes you simultaneously want to live in Portland, and also point and laugh at the absurd people that dwell there. The show’s lampooning of BSG fans promised to be bother scathingly accurate, and full of heartfelt truthful humor.

This is the show that started with an incredible homage/satire of Portland culture by proclaiming through song that the city is where “young people go to retire.” Portlandia has made an episode of season 2 available starting earlier today. “One Moore Episode” is like all others in the series where there are a number of shorts, some seemingly with nothing to do with the others, but an overall idea is followed through.

The best part of this episode is the fantastic representation of what it is to become a new BSG fan as you’re engulfed by the series. It’s hilarious here, but I can relate to the vehemence with which the show is consumed and how sure you become that you understand exactly how the characters would react in real life. “Starbuck wouldn’t even call anyone.” Indeed.

For fans of Battlestar there are some great cameos that I won’t spoil, and the best table read of any episode of BSG. This episode is scheduled to air on IFC January 13. Season 2 of Portlandia premieres this Friday, January 6. So say we all.