The Voice Of GLaDOS Will Bake You A Cake For Kickstarter Donations

By Nick Venable | Published

I could sit here and lie to you all day long about anything and I would never once be as cool as GLaDOS, the frighteningly malevolent task master within the video game Portal. I’m pretty sure I also wouldn’t be as cool as Ellen McLain, the opera-singing voice actress who performed as GLaDOS. As you can infer from the above video, if you feel like paying a lot of money to this Kickstarter fund, there will be cake. It’s up to you whether or not you want to get baked first. McClain looks like she’d keep it on the DL.

The Kickstarter campaign is for a film that is completely outside the scope of science fiction, unfortunately. Not that the subject matter is unfortunate. It’s for a film titled Winning Dad, written and directed by theater actor turned Merchant Marine Arthur Allen. The film would follow Jake Street (Forty Weight) as Colby, the son of a homophobic father (Chuck Sigars) who refuses to discuss his son’s homosexuality. As a way of tricking him into acceptance, Colby invites his father along on a camping trip with Rusty, Colby’s long=term boyfriend, who is passed off as one of Colby’s future business partners. Emotions catch fire, and I’m certain feelings get hurt multiple times.

McClain would play the mom, as well as the main draw for the donation offerings, even though the ones she is involved with are extravagantly priced. For $500, McClain will record a personalized message for your phone’s voice mail, which is pretty righteous. “You are a horrible person. We weren’t even testing for that. Leave a message.” This prize also comes with a night out in Seattle with Allen and Street.

But the big-boss prize will cost you $7,500, where you get all the prizes listed before it, as well as a party in your favor as you spend an evening with the Winning Dad team in Seattle. It is not a lie that McClain will bake you a cake, even putting your name in the icing. The whole thing will be filmed and will be put up on the movie’s YouTube page, where you can get on everyone’s nerves by getting GLaDOS quotes wrong. While I couldn’t afford this even if keeping my life were one of the prizes, it’s definitely one of the most unique Kickstarter campaigns I’ve seen.

You can catch McClain’s voice again this summer in Guillermo Del Toro’s future masterpiece, Pacific Rim. If you’d like to know more about Winning Dad and its winning message of acceptance, check out the full promo video below.