Total Recall Concept Art May Be Cooler Than The Remake Itself

By David Wharton | Published

The Total Recall remake has had two weeks to win over moviegoers, and so far both the reactions and the box office have been less than stellar. But while the Total Recall remake may or may not be worthy of polishing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comically distended eyestalks, it does have one thing going for it: it features some frankly gorgeous design work.

From bizarrely stacked tenement buildings to flying cars and a friggin’ elevator through the Earth’s core, the world of nu Recall is mighty purty (even when it doesn’t always make sense. See: “friggin’ elevator through the Earth’s core”). Some of those designs were created by industry veteran Stephan Martiniere, whose vision and artwork has been featured in movies such as Tron Legacy and The Fifth Element. Martiniere shared some of his beautiful designs with Kotaku, and we’ve included a couple of our favorites here.

Martiniere tells Kotaku that “I was concentrating on establishing an environment that felt both intricate, busy and cohesive, a world that was familiar but also would take your breath away.” Mission accomplished on that front. It’s just a shame the rest of the movie couldn’t live up to those amazing designs.

You can see more Total Recall art, and larger versions of these images, over at Kotaku. To see how we thought the Recall remake stacks up against the original, you can check out Josh’s┬átake and David’s┬átake.