Total Recall Clip Puts A New Spin On The Original’s Iconic Disguise Scene

By David Wharton | Published

I’m actually beginning to get a little bit excited about the Total Recall remake. Not because I’m a fan of remakes. Nor do I dislike the original; it’s grade-A certified Schwarzenegger action-cheese at its cheesiest, and I don’ t think I’ll ever tire of watching the big guy galumph his way across Mars trying to learn his true identity. But I think there is room to make a less, well, less Schwarzenegger-y version of the story, and I’m hoping that perhaps the new Total Recall will succeed on that front (although the director doesn’t fill me with confidence).

Still, as we’ve pointed out before, NuRecall seems to be recycling an awful lot from Recall Classic, down to specific scenes. Thankfully, it seems like the filmmakers are aware of that, and more than willing to tip their hat to their predecessor. For instance, check out this clip Total Film posted of the remake’s twist on the iconic “two weeks” scene. It contains a direct visual tip-of-the-hat to the Verhoeven original. See if you can catch it.

Total Recall hits theaters next week, on Friday, August 3rd.