Schoolhouse Rock And Star Wars Teach You About Interplanetary Interjections

By Nick Venable | Updated

Giant Freakin’ Robot has two goals: to entertain you readers with science fiction news, and to inform you of things you may not have already known. Every so often, we put a story out there that combines those two intentions to create an unforgettable info-splosion. This, however, isn’t one of those times, unless you’ve never heard of either Star Wars or Schoolhouse Rock! And if that’s the case, you’re either a fetus or an animal, and in either case, we welcome you.

Aw, snap! In case you thought the learning mechanism guiding the production of Schoolhouse Rocks! couldn’t get nerdier, YouTubers OneMinuteGalactica have made yet another video of pop culture-skewing fun, only now you can learn all about how characters from the Star Wars universe use interjections in their hectic daily lives, and all to the tune of Essra Mohawk’s lovely voice.

The video could have been corny — okay, it is — but it’s actually pretty clever the way the verse themes are accompanied by the appropriate visuals. Reginald’s doctor visit is comparable to Luke’s hand replacement, Geraldine’s determined Lothario is played out through Han and Leia, and Franklin’s sporting faux pas plays perfectly with Lando’s balk in battle. Luckily, the video is also filled with lots of silly bits as well, featuring a perfectly safe-for-work expletive from R2D2. Zoinks!

Since we’re a science-minded website with its head in the ether, no Schoolhouse Rocks! story can go by without some “Interplanet Janet” tearing through the cosmos.

This is the way.

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