A Quick And Easy Guide To Explaining Doctor Who

By David Wharton | Published

Doctor Who is probably enjoying more mainstream attention than ever before, with the show even having landed an Entertainment Weekly cover a few months back. But still — still! — we Who have people in our lives that just don’t get it. They may be your family. They may be their best friend. They may be your lover. Regardless of whom they are, one truth cannot be denied: they must be assimilated.

But how? How to reach them, how to lure them in so that the show can seep its awesomeness into their every pore? If reason doesn’t work, and pleading doesn’t work, and withholding sexual favors doesn’t work…you can try one of these.

You can see more guides to help you convert people to shows such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad over at College Humor. (Although if they don’t already like Breaking Bad, you probably shouldn’t be friends with them anyway.)

Now get to work! You’ve got people to recruit!