Portal Painting Presents Chell In The Style Of Norman Rockwell

By David Wharton | Published

Valve’s Portal videogame invaded the pop culture to a ridiculous degree a few years back. In the months after the game’s 2007 release, it seemed as if every corner of the internet was keen to remind us that the cake was a lie, and even many non-gamers could sing along with “Still Alive,” the closing-credits song written by Jonathan Coulton and sung by Portal‘s homicidally passive-aggressive artificial intelligence, GLaDOS. Now an artist named Jesse Rubenfeld has mashed up Portal mythology with another indelible bit of pop-culture iconography. Check out Rubenfeld’s rendition of Portal heroine Chell, as rendered in the style of Norman Rockwell.

Entitled “This Was a Triumph,” the image is based on Rockwell’s famous “Rosie the Riveter” cover from the May 29, 1943 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. If you’re itching to hang the picture on your wall, you’ll have to shell out a bit: the one-of-a-kind print is on sale on Rubenfeld’s Etsy page for a whopping $350. In the mean time, here’s Rockwell’s original image for comparison’s sake.