Portal As A Bedroom Is Cooler Than Any Cake

By Nick Venable | Published

portalsWhen I was a kid, my bedroom was purely an amalgamation of all the things I enjoyed. Horror posters on the walls, Peanuts pillowcases, a Ninja Turtles Do Not Disturb door hanger. I mean, the only reason amazingly cool people weren’t constantly sitting in my room is because it would have broken fire codes. Sadly, I never had and probably never will have a bedroom this cool.

Lauren is a huge fan of the video game Portal, and for good reason. It’s a clever, well-crafted, and semi-challenging game where the antagonist, a malevolent training program called GLaDOS, sticks in the players’ minds long after the game has been completed and lives had been threatened. But it’s also interesting because it mostly takes place in a series of rooms. Rooms that can be replicated at home, if one were willing to put in the time and the resources. Thankfully, Lauren was that person.

Even though the full extent of her work wasn’t documented, you can see most of it here. Inspired by an infinity mirror, Laura decided to design her bedroom as if it were one of main character Chell’s challenges. Had she only painted the walls and thrown some poster up, it would have been pretty cool, but she went to the nines on this one. And she was able to share a lot of how she got it done.


Modern furniture isn’t a big game element, so she decorated these items with the various “warning signs” seen in the game. Any game art she couldn’t find to buy, she painted it herself, from arrows to a piece of cake. She painted orange and blue dots on either side of the room, and scribbled something about cake being a lie (What!?!) on the inside of her closet. If all that, plus additional decorative skills, weren’t enough, she even bought two of the game’s portal guns, which can be used to blast passageways through the infinity mirror portals. You probably shouldn’t go blasting infinity mirrors though. Check out a bunch of pictures below, but don’t go in the closet if you think prizes should be mandatory.




And just because, here’s Lauren standing next to a Dalek.