Marvel President All But Confirms Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

By Brian Williams | Published

There have been a lot of differing opinions on Marvel’s seemingly bizarre choice to give a good but little known super team their own big screen treatment. Guardians of the Galaxy has a very slim connection with The Avengers and with all the movies thus far serving as background for the well known super team, it’s admittedly a little odd that they would be the next new property coming out of Marvel Studios. Thanks to a recent interview overseas, it’s looking like there is method in the madness, and it probably has a lot to do with The Avengers’ mid-credits cameo of one of the universe’s biggest villains.

While promoting The Avengers in Japan Marvel Studios President of Production, Kevin Feige, talked a little bit about why he chose to do a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014. Thanks to a translation of the interview from Japanese blog Nifty, reported that Feige had reasons beyond just making a space movie, and it all ties back into The Avengers sequel that will follow.

 I’ve got a story I wanted to tell the world [that is] not directly related with the characters of “The Avengers,” [until?] a little later.

On the subject of the possible involvement of Thanos, Feige was a little bit more cryptic. He grinned and dogged the question by saying there was definitely a reason for the Mad Titan in the credits. While not a direct admission, in the comics Thanos has predominately been a cosmic villain and anything he does has a large ramifications in the Marvel universe, spawning countless comic crossover events. With the inclusion of Thanos in the credits of The Avengers and the hint that the star faring story of GOTG would tie into the sequel, it’s a pretty safe bet that if Thanos isn’t the big bad in GOTG, then he will at least be instrumental in the story.

Let’s just hope there’s more to the Guardians of the Galaxy than 2 hours of a CG talking raccoon setting up yet another Marvel movie.