Looper Clip Shows Bruce Willis And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Facing Off In A Diner

By Brent McKnight | Published

One aspect of Rian Johnson’s action-packed science fiction ride Looper that has a lot of people excited is the chance to see Bruce Willis face off with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Willis is one of action cinema’s biggest badasses, and while his babyface precludes him from being super intimidating, Gordon-Levitt has proven he can hold his own with most actors on screen. This new clip from the film gives you a small taste of what is in store for you when Looper hits theaters September 28th.


This video shows Willis doing what he does best, talking in that quiet voice, that even with a level tone lets you know that this is not someone to screw around with. And then he kicks his past self in the junk, which is probably a satisfying feeling. Don’t we all wish we could slap ourselves around for some of the things we’ve said and done in our lives?

In the future of Looper, time travel has been invented, but it has also been outlawed. The only people who use the technology on the regular are large-scale criminal organizations. When certain individuals become problematic, the mob simply sends them back in time where a specialized assassin, called a looper, executes the target. Back in the future, the criminal types can go on about their business without worrying that any unwanted corpses will turn up at inopportune moments.

Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is one of these loopers. He has a good life, lots of money, and nice-looking lady friends. One day the universe throws him a curveball. Turns out the bosses have decided to “close the loop,” and Joe’s target is none other than his future self (Willis). You can imagine how that could cause some issues, and when Future Joe escapes, Past Joe is in a world of hurt.

Looper also stars Emily Blunt, Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels, and Paul Dano.