Looper Isn’t Afraid To Be Sci-Fi In Two New Trailer Teasers

By Josh Tyler | Published

We’ve talked a lot on this site about Hollywood’s hesitance to actually call sci-fi, sci-fi. There’s a lingering perception out there that science fiction is only for losers and nerds so, when a director makes a movie about robots or a dystopian future, he usually goes out of his way to tell everyone that it’s not really a sci-fi movie… even though it is.

Not Rian Johnson.

Looper is Rian Johnson’s new time travel movie. In it Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a man trying to murder his future self, played by Bruce Willis, who’s been sent back in time to kill him. And in the following two videos to promote the film, Johnson and Levitt talk proudly about the gritty science fiction movie they’ve made. Watch…

Pretty ballsy to come right out and compare Looper to Blade Runner but that’s exactly what they just did. Levitt also calls Looper his favorite thing he’s ever done, and if you look at his resume, that sets the bar pretty high. Invoking Blade Runner sets it even higher.

Check back here tomorrow for a full look at the first trailer for Looper.